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Luxembourg is one of the smallest sovereign states in Europe, located in its western part. It borders on Belgium to the north, France to the west and south, and Germany to the east. The state is divided into three districts with administrative centers in Grevenmacher, Luxembourg, and Diekirch. In turn, they are divided into 12 cantons, subdivided into 116 communes.

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A small "green" heart of Europe

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a small state, but with great dignity, economic stability, and beautiful landscapes. It is considered to be one of the greenest countries in Europe. Every year, thousands of tourists come here to dive into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, escape from the hustle and bustle of big cities and feel the spirit of old Europe. Each town in Luxembourg is charming in its own way.

Luxembourg is the capital of the Duchy of the same name. The city is erected at an altitude of 334 m above sea level at the confluence of the rivers Alzette and Pétrusse. It is divided into two parts — the Lower and Upper Towns, connected by beautiful bridges that add a unique romance to the place. The Lower Town houses numerous banks, financial institutions, company boards, and breweries. The Upper Town is an ancient Luxembourg fortress, a mysterious and beautiful place, with many architectural monuments. The VI century Chapel of Saint-Keren partially carved in the wall, the Gothic Saint Michael's Church, the Ducal Palace with its tall towers and spires, the former Town Hall will take you back many centuries. A woodland park with many alleys, paths, among which are hidden sharp rocks and gorges, valleys of the rivers Alzette and Pétrusse please the eye with emerald greenery. All this makes Luxembourg one of the greenest cities in Europe. After a stroll through the wonderful streets of this city, make sure you try a local pastry, especially the apple pie, a recipe of which has been handed down from father to son for many years. The taste is unbelievable! 

Echternach, the oldest city in Luxembourg, is located near the border with Germany and grew on the site of an ancient monastery. Its main attractions are the central square, the basilica, and the museum of St. Willibrord Abbey, the Roman Villa, and the artificial lake Echternach. We recommend you to come here in the first half of August. At this time, the city hosts the music festival "E-Lake". Under the open sky, on the shore of the lake, musicians, rock performers, hip-hop, famous DJs from around the world gather together. It is a fascinating and colorful action, filled with soulfulness and universal unity.

Diekirch is the center of sports life in Luxembourg. Football and tennis championships and Eurocross are held here every year, while downhill competitions are held on well-equipped slopes. Bicycles are the most popular leisure and means of transport. There are many interesting cycling routes of varying difficulty in the city: through narrow green streets, in the forest, in the mountains, and along streams. You can buy a map for such a walk at any bookstore, and rent a bicycle. In the center of the town, there is a statue of a donkey, which is a symbol of the city. To fully imbue the atmosphere of this beautiful place, you must go fishing on the River Sur and enjoy the silence and harmony of the town.

Wiltz is the largest city in the north of the Grand Duchy, the capital of the Luxembourg Ardennes. Locals say it's a favorite meeting place for world-class spies and scouts, but so far, not a single case has been made public. The main attractions of the city are Wiltz Castle, which is over 800 years old and its Witches' Tower, a wonderful park with views of the river of the same name with the city and the Ardennes Mountains. Two kilometers away from the city is the country's parachuting center, where extreme lovers can fly and see the performances of parachuting masters. The spectacle is beautiful and impressive. 

Another town of the Duchy that grew out of a small village and became a center of tourism and winemaking is Remich, the pearl of the Moselle Valley. It is quiet and cozy, with its unique atmosphere. To feel it, admire panoramic views of the city and vineyards, walk along the Moselle embankment in the shadow of centuries-old linden and cherry trees, take a boat ride and, of course, visit the tasting of Moselle wines — a great pride of this region. Remich will stay in your heart forever.

Mondorf-les-Bains is a resort city with the highest level of service, known all over the world. It is located in the south-east of Luxembourg, where it is hidden between the hills from the winds. It is an ideal place for health and active recreation. There are several well-equipped ski slopes and splendid hotels with thermal facilities. Holidays in this city will bring you the warmest memories.

National peculiarities of the citizens of Luxembourg

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is one of the smallest states not only in Europe but also in the world and, at the same time, one of the oldest. Its inhabitants have a very strong national identity and pride and consider themselves to be independent people. Let us talk about some features of the character and mentality of Luxembourgers. Knowing the peculiarities of the local people's temperament always makes your stay in the country more comfortable. 

  • The most important rule in the life of the Duchy is politeness and respect for indigenous people. In Luxembourg, the facades of houses often bear the inscription: "We want to remain who we are". Any condemnation and criticism of local customs and orders will be taken as an insult.
  • The people of Luxembourg have great taste and style in their dressing. It is rare to find so many well-dressed people in a European country. Negligence in clothing only distinguishes tourists.
  • Luxembourg is the main Catholic country in Europe; 97 % of the population consider themselves Catholic. With this dominant set, the population is tolerant of all faiths, respecting the choice of a person.
  • Locals do not aspire to do great things and enjoy life in their quiet and comfortable country, do not like changes and innovations, and are cautious about anything that can change the routine. This is probably why Luxembourg has kept most of its history neutral in wars.
  • The citizens of the Duchy are always ready to help; you can always turn to them to find out the way, ask for a piece of advice about the best establishment or a variety of wine. Despite their external restraint, the people here are very good-natured.

The best time to visit Luxembourg

Luxembourg has a moderate climate, characterized by warm winters, and cool, comfortable summers. The average air temperature in winter is +2 °С. The average temperature in summer during daytime is +21 °С. During the period from March till May, the temperature varies from +7 °С to +16 °С. The highest amount of precipitation falls in the north of the country, because of the Ardennes that hold back atmospheric masses.

The best period for a tourist trip to Luxembourg is from May till August. The sun is tender and warm, and there is no precipitation, comfortable air temperature ranges within +24 °С.

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