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If you have a chance to enjoy a vacation on a picturesque Macau Peninsula, don’t miss an opportunity to visit an incredible place - the Maritime Museum. It is situated at the renowned Barra Hill and was founded back in 1553. At the end of the previous century, it was extended greatly and renovated in accordance with the traditions of the European style.

Maritime travel to the past

The building of the Maritime Museum in Macau comprises the territory of 800 square meters and resembles a ship which has just moored. What makes this place so unique? It combines the histories of two civilizations and maritime states - Asia and Europe. Inside the museum, you will have a chance to get introduced to the fascinating historical facts of the seafaring development and shipping in Macau starting with the ancient times. You can later continue exploring the maritime theme in the Macau Fisherman's Wharf.

The numerous artifacts prove that the Chinese have been excellent fishermen since the very beginning of their history. During ancient times, China was actively exploring and conquering the seven seas and their depths. However, when the Portuguese fishermen came here in the XV century, their sea routes and commercial interests intersected.

As a rule, powerful China could offer a wide range of green tea, pearls, porcelain, and silk, while the Europeans could import their goods. All of these and more are gathered in the vast collection of this Macau’s attraction.

Fountain in front of the Macau Maritime Museum
Macau Maritime Museum © Kit Leong / Shutterstock

The display of the Maritime Museum in Macau

The three-story building of the museum in the shape of the sailing-vessel is painted white. On the first floor, the display of the museum introduces the visitors to the culture and routine of the fishermen in Macau. Among all the exhibits, you will see their dwellings with various utensils, clothes, belongings, including the copies of the tools used for catching fish and sea vessels.

When you climb up the second floor, you’ll be amazed by the rich collection gathered from all corners of the world. The hall displays the copies of vessels made of bamboo, Chinese sailing junk ships which had been used in extreme antiquity. There were much better and effective in comparison to European vessels. 

Here you can also check out the navigation devices, instruments, and equipment which were invented in China. The seat of honor belongs to the compass.

The third floor of the Maritime Museum in Macau is devoted to modern navigation and shipping, including the latest creations in this sphere. Every guest can study various mock-ups of the contemporary and ancient inventions, thick ropes, and the models of ships. 

There is also a mini theater inside the museum. It offers bright performances based on the topics of various legends. The souvenirs’ stall has a diversity of wonderful and memorable trifles which will remind you about your visit.

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