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The Lighthouse of Commerce, Fountain of Neptune, and a walk to the Pink Zone


Monterrey is the wealthiest city in Mexico, often called the "Sultan of the North". It is the cultural, economic, and transport center of the northern part of the country. Spanish colonists founded it in 1596, and before that, it had been a nomadic place for the Coahuiltecan Indians. Monterrey is famous for its beautiful nature with picturesque mountain landscapes, canyons, waterfalls, and deserted plains. The Santa Catarina River flows through its territory and is mostly located underground. The city is green, with many plantations and parks, surrounded by mountains from the west, east, and south. The second unofficial name of Monterrey is "City of Mountains". In addition to natural beauties, tourists should visit the central square of Macroplaza with its impressive Fountain of Neptune. You should also see the symbol of the city — the Lighthouse of Commerce, the fashionable area of the Pink Zone, as well as an artificial canal Santa Lucia.

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