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The most urbanized and cosmopolitan city in New Zealand

Districts of Auckland

There are several neighborhoods in the city, which can be divided into the North Shore, South Shore, East and West Oakland, downtown, and the city center. Mostly white settlers live on the North Shore. In the south, descendants of the Maori tribes settled. The east is considered an elite area, and surfers and young families love the west.


The city is considered the most cosmopolitan in all of New Zealand. More than half of the local population is European. There are equal parts Asian and Pacific Islanders, with a minority of Maori descendants, Arabs, Hispanics, and others. Because of the large number of immigrants, all nationalities and religions are tolerated here. The locals speak excellent English, which makes a stay here comfortable for any tourist.

Brief history of Auckland

Before the arrival of Europeans, the Auckland area was inhabited by the indigenous Maori tribes. Fertile lands and convenient locations attracted the islanders, but migration and internecine wars affected the tribes' numbers. The first Europeans to arrive on New Zealand's shores noted that the whole area was sparsely populated. In 1769, James Cook and his crew arrived here, followed later by the first missionaries.

In 1840, on the approval of the local chiefs, the Treaty of Waitangi was signed, which implied the creation of a new colony. It was named for George Eden, the first earl of Oakland. In 1842, the name was approved by the Queen of Great Britain.

As the city developed, a new stream of settlers poured through Auckland. Most of these were families from Australia, and after a while, British natives began to move here.

Because of the increased population and a more favorable location, it was decided to move the capital of New Zealand to the city of Wellington, which remains the capital to this day.

Despite the large influx of migrants from England and Scotland, most of Auckland's population is from the Polynesian community, and the city itself is the unofficial capital of Polynesia.

The best time to visit Auckland

Everything is the opposite in New Zealand. When we have summer, it's winter there, and it's spring in the fall. Auckland is the warmest region of New Zealand. This is due to its favorable geographical location. It is protected by mountains on one side and by the Great Coral Reef on the other. Therefore, all typhoons, tsunamis, and other tricks of nature bypass this place.

However, the weather in Auckland changes very often and dramatically. The locals say that it's like a girl's temperament. The warmest months are December and March. The air temperature during this time reaches +24°C.

Winter in Auckland lasts from June to September, with temperatures ranging from +10 to +14°C. By the way, it is during this period that the city receives the greatest amount of precipitation.

Useful notes

Things to do in Auckland

  • Climb the Sky Tower, Auckland's landmark. It's a 328-meter radio tower with a gorgeous panoramic view of the city.
  • Rent a bike and head to Mission Bay Beach. After exploring the outskirts of the city, finish your route on the Pacific Ocean. Here you can roast sausages, taste local ice cream, and watch the sunset while basking in the warm sand.
  • Visit the Auckland Botanic Gardens. There are more than 10,000 plants from around the world, and unique species found only on Polynesian soil.
  • Go to a surfer's paradise. The small town of Raglan is about 150 kilometers from Auckland, and it's where the flat waves form for surfing, which attracts surfers from all over the world.
  • Try Hangi. This is an ancient way of cooking Aboriginal Maori food. Meat or vegetables are placed in a special oven, which is located underground. The entire process takes 3-4 hours.
  • Climb to Mount Eden. It is a long-extinct volcano with an overgrown grass crater. There is a photographic view of the Sky Tower from the top.
  • Buy real uggs. Comfortable shoes on sheep's fur began its conquest of the planet from Oakland. You can also bring woolen items, New Zealand jade, bone jewelry, paua (shell with unusual shimmering colors), or Maori products as a souvenir.

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