Discover Coron
The picturesque municipality of Busuanga Island

A holiday resort for lovers of natural beauty and diving


Coron is a municipality of the Philippines in the south of Busuanga Island. You won’t find the attractions here. There are small hotels, cafes and a market. But Coron is the only place on Busuanga Island where pleasure boats go to nearby islets. That is why tourists love it. Busuanga Island is beautiful, but most of the tourists living in Coron go on excursions to the nearby small islands. The most famous of them is the Coron Island with its lakes, cliffs, picturesque lagoons, and white as snow beaches. The reefs around all these islands are very scenic, so Coron and Busuanga are very attractive for lovers of scuba-diving. There are thermal springs near the town, and on the north side of Busuanga. About 60 kilometers from Coron, there is a small zoo with giraffes and zebras.

Map Coron

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