Discover Adler
A place where the Sun shines 300 days per year
Adler is a microdistrict and the administrative center of Sochi

Districts of Adler

Despite the small sizes of the microdistrict itself, there are several subdistricts here. The Resort Town is the most popular one. It has the highest concentration of hotels, spa retreats, and guest houses. The center of Adler offers lots of private hotels, parks, and a beautiful waterfront. The Imereti Lowlands is a real mecca for the fans of expensive vacations. The most fashionable five-star hotels, the best SPA centers are located here. The famous Sochi Park and Olympic Park are also situated here.

Map Adler

Population of Adler

Adler is the most populated district of Sochi. Over 130 thousand of the local population live here. During the high season of vacations, this number can reach 800-900 thousand. The majority of the population are representatives of eastern nations and Slavonic people. Local citizens and other people who live by the sea try to earn as much as possible during the high season. Therefore, they frequently drive up the prices for products, services, and accommodation. Don’t be afraid to bargain at the market or while using the services of a taxi. As a rule, the prices are apriori 3-4 times higher.

A brief history of Adler

The Fort of the Holy Spirit was formed on the territory of modern Adler on the 19th of July 1837. The fortification of the Black Sea coastline was situated here. A tiny settlement called Liyesh where Abkhazians lived was located nearby. For a long time, these lands were under the reign of the Abkhazian princely family Arydba. Later, they adjoined the Russian Empire.

This territory was not that populated until the end of the Caucasian War. The mass settling started in 1869. The construction of the Adler-Kbaade roadway triggered this. The construction was erected without any special equipment and required a lot of workers. In 1915, customs appeared in Adler. Its convenient location favored the trading relations with Turkey.

Nowadays, Adler is being actively built up. New hotels, restaurants, malls open here regularly. The southernmost point of Krasnodar Krai annually attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists who come here to have a great vacation and improve health. The 2014 Winter Olympic Games triggered the contemporary development of this district. The infrastructure was restored and a special Olympic Village was built. After the Olympiad, a sports resort and Formula-1 track appeared here.

The best time to visit Adler

The resort is situated between the sea and mountains. Its location has an impact on the climate of this region. Adler is located in the subtropical zone. Winter months have the highest rate of the precipitations. In general, it has high humidity all along its coast. The Sun shines 300 days per year in Adler. July and August are the hottest months. In this period, the air temperature reaches +29 °С. Winters here are mild and damp. The average temperature is around +6 °С - +7 °С.

Useful notes

What should a tourist do in Adler?

  • Attend the Russian Disney World, Sochi Park. It offers a diversity of attractions both for adults and children located on the territory of 20 hectares. The opening of the park was timed to coincide with the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.
  • Take a tour of the Olympic Park. The ice rink, curling center, and other famous courts are now open to tourists.
  • Become a spectator of the Formula-1 race at Sochi Autodrom. The track is located not far from the Olympic Village. Every year, racers with worldwide known names compete on this track.
  • Listen to the singing fountains that are extremely popular among the tourists. Their main advantage is that they operate all year round.
  • Enjoy a walk along the Olympic waterfront that incloses the most of the Imereti Harbor. It’s a wonderful place for picturesque photographs. There are no wave cutters here and that’s the main raisin of the waterfront. This allows creating excellent pictures with sea views.
  • Feel all the beauty and uniqueness of the local nature after seeing the waterfall called “Glubokiy Yar”, “Dragon’s Mouth”, Akh-Tsu Gorge wet and dry canyons of Psakho, the trails of Psakho, and the oldest arboretum park called “Southern Cultures”.
  • Swim in the Black Sea, drink some mineral water, and apply a local mud mask. Adler is renowned not only for its beaches. It has plenty of mud wells.
  • Don’t miss a chance to attend the waterpark called “Amfibius”. It offers various attractions and water slides located on the territory of 2 hectares. Both children and adults will find here entertainment here to their liking.
  • Travelers with children should definitely visit the largest oceanarium in Russia called “Sochi Discovery World Aquarium”.

Hotels in Adler