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The city at the foot of the Western Pyrenees

The July festival of San Fermin and running away from furious bulls


Pamplona is in the north of Spain. The city is located on the Arga River, at the foot of the Western Pyrenees. Pamplona is the main city of Navarra and one of the oldest in Spain. It was founded in the first century BC. Many historical sights have been preserved in the town. It is worth visiting the Cathedral and the museum of religious art in it, see the ancient citadel and the Church of San Saturnino, a beautiful City Hall. You should also visit the Royal Palace, walk in the Taconera Gardens, where the statue of the hero of Navarra, Gayarre, is installed. However, the city is known primarily for the holiday of San Fermin, which takes place every July. Encierro is the national tradition of running away from 12 bulls in the city streets. It is immortalized in the monument that is installed in Pamplona, as well as in the novel by Ernest Hemingway "The Sun Also Rises".

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