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The Elephant Village in Pattaya is an incomparable attraction! You won’t just see these gigantic animals here but will observe their feeding and bathing. Moreover, you can even sit on the elephant’s back and enjoy a ride. A unique picture with this charming creature is a must!

This unique refuge for elephants was created in 1973 as a sort of nursing home for aged elephants. Aged and sick animals after long-term service in building and agriculture industries were sent to this place. It’s impossible to set the elephants free. Actually, there’s nowhere else for them to go due to the extreme destruction of the forests. If you are planning to visit the refuge, don’t forget to take a camera and the treat for the elephants. They do really love bananas.

Services at the Elephant Village

Pattaya Elephant Village offers such services to the tourists:

  • to watch the performance – starting at 650 Bahts;
  • a one-hour-long ride on an elephant – starting at 1000 Bahts;
  • a little adventurous tour on an elephant which lasts several hours - starting at 2000 Bahts.

Before the performance, you’ll have a chance to feed the elephants with bananas and pat them. Afterward, the elephants are taking a bath. During the show, the elephants demonstrate their abilities to carry and pile large logs, play musical instruments, play football and basketball, drive a car and even paint. As a part of a performance, special battle elephants demonstrate colorful horsecloth and headdresses with tassels. The show is commented in English.

The unforgettable walk

You will definitely never forget the long tour on an elephant. You have to climb these wonderful animals from a special platform. After that, you’ll head to enjoy a long calm walk to the jungles. But don’t scare the elephants as they can start running pretty quickly - up to 40 km/h. Do you think it’s going to be quite boring? Well, here’s a list of what’s waiting for you during the tour:

  • a voyage to the jungles;
  • wandering along the river;
  • rafting on the river;
  • gibbons’ show;
  • a visit to the waterfall;
  • a visit to the farm of silkworms;
  • rolling in the cart horsed with oxen;
  • visiting the Muay Thai boxing show;
  • participation in Thai dances;
  • learn how to control the elephant.

Important information for tourists

Address: หมู่ที่ 7 48/120 Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

Working hours: daily from 8:30 to 18:00

Elephants’ Show: from 14:30 to 16:00

How to get to the Elephants Village:

Public transport does not go here, so we recommend you to take a taxi or visit the Elephants Village as a part of an excursion.

Another popular tourist destination is the Buddhist temple complex Wat Yansangvararam. On its territory, you’ll find one of the biggest outlines of the Seated Buddha laid with golden plates on the mountain.

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