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Wat Yansangwararam temple is a unique place for Buddhists to meditate and for travelers to explore. It’s a huge temple complex. The park which is a part of this saint place is located 30 km away from Pattaya, at the foot of the mountain.

On it, you’ll see the outline of the biggest figure of the Seated Buddha. The line is laid with golden plates which are inserted into specially hollowed out gutters in the mountain. The picture is more than 160 meters in height. The complex is kept under protection and is given every support from the Thai Royal family. In the country and all over the world people say it’s working wonders.

The monastery-museum with a full title Wat Yansangwararam is located a couple of kilometers away from the meditation center with pavilions and arbors. Here, in one temple complex, you’ll see a harmonious representation of temples dating back to various epochs, styles, and countries including India and China. The exotic temples in Cambodian and Sri Lankian style are also displayed in the complex. On its territory, you’ll find the palace of the Chinese Emperor - truly unique exhibits from China. You’ll be impressed by the bronze figures of the real and mysterious characters of the Chinese folk epic. The sculptures of the warriors from the Shaolin Monastery seem to be frozen during performing their fighting moves.

On the third floor of the temple, the numerous paintings on the walls will tell you stories about Buddha’s clarification. The exposition on the second floor is devoted to the history of life and nature of ancient people. It displays extraordinary period pieces created with the use of stunning woodcarving techniques.

Pagoda in Wat Yannasang Wararam Buddhist Temple in Pattaya
Wat Yansangwararam © Ph.wittaya / Shutterstock

Self-conception and purgation

Many people aspire to visit this place to walk the path of the full purgation. In order to purify your soul, you’ll have to climb the highest mountain which is located several kilometers from Wat Yansangwararam temple. When you climb the 300 stairs, you leave one negative trait of your character on each stair. On the top of the mountain, you’ll find a small and not very renowned chapel. According to the local legends, it stores the real footprint of Buddha.

The observation deck not far from the temple will offer you the most mesmerizing view of the neighboring areas.

There are plenty of entertainments in the city! When you arrive on your vacation to Thailand, you must visit the most renowned street in Pattaya - Walking street. Imagine one thousand meters of diverse entertaining facilities which work round the clock.

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