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The Republic of Turkey is territorially located in Southern Europe and Asia. The country has a diverse landscape — rocky mountains, forests, sandy beaches, and prairies. It is neighboring with Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Greece, and Bulgaria. Four seas wash the coasts of Turkey: the Black, Mediterranean, Aegean, and Marble Seas, as well as the Bosporus and Dardanelles straits. The biblical River Euphrates flows in the west of the country. The highest mountain, Ararat, is located in the east. The mount is a symbol for Armenians and a subject of dispute between the two states.

The administrative and territorial structure of Turkey has both official and unofficial divisions. As for the formal structure, it is divided into 81 provinces (il), which are administered by governors appointed by the state government. Provinces are divided into districts (ilçe), and there are 957 of them. The so-called statistical (unofficial) provinces consist of 7 regions: Marmara, Black Sea, Aegean, Mediterranean, Central Anatolia, Eastern Anatolia, and South-Eastern Anatolia.

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A country of wide beaches, warm sea, and ancient empires

Turkey lives in its rhythm and traditions. Each city has its own flavor. Whichever destination you choose, make sure you plan a trip to an authentic Turkish bazaar, where you can feel the spirit of the country, and even literally taste it. 


Ankara is the capital of Turkey. It is a resort city with an excellent infrastructure, entertainment centers, and outstanding architectural monuments of ancient times. The Temple of Augustus and Roman baths remind us about the period of the Roman Empire. Ankara Castle is an excellent example of architecture dating to the Byzantine period. Other significant sanctuaries of the city include the Alâeddin Mosque and the Hacı Bayram Veli Mosque. A tourist should not forget about the Ataturk Mausoleum Complex, which style belongs to modern architecture. And the atmospheric Mahmut Pasha Bazaar will show you real Turkey outside any time limits. 


Istanbul is the largest and most incredibly beautiful city in Turkey. It is located in the southern part of the Bosporus and the Golden Horn Bay in the Sea of Marmara. One part (the smaller one) lays in Asia, and the other one (main) is in Europe. Therefore, Istanbul is called a city with two civilizations and cultures. Istanbul combines the splendor of modern architecture with the grandeur of antiquity. The most famous symbols of the town are the Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet), Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya), where you can feel the atmosphere of the Golden Age, as well as a chic palace on the shore of the Bosporus known as Dolmabahçe. When you come to Ortakoy Marina, you can see the departure of the ships for a boat trip. If you join it, you can admire the city and its bridges, and see the famous Maiden Tower. Travelers with children will have a fun day at the Rahmi Koc Science and Transport Museum. Here you can get inside a submarine, an old tram, or a fire engine. Istanbul offers a wide range of incredibly delicious street food. Make sure you try the freshly caught and grilled fish at the Galata Bridge.


Izmir is the third-largest city in Turkey, a resort on the bank of the Aegean Sea, a port and an industrial center. It has many ancient architectural monuments, the age of which is more than three thousand years. The agora of Smyrna is considered to be the main attraction. These are the ruins of an ancient market square. Kemeralti Market is believed to be the soul of Izmir. The traders have been selling their goods here for centuries. Hisar Mosque is the largest mosque in the city, made in the Ottoman style. It is located within a five-minute walk from the bazaar. Mount Pagos and the Kadifekale fortress offer the best views of the city to its guests.


Antalya can be deservedly called the capital of resort recreation in Turkey. The city is located on the Mediterranean coast and is the center of the province of the same name. Holidaymakers love Antalya for its magnificent beaches, excellent infrastructure, and affordable hotels. History and antique lovers will not be bored here either. The city will offer them the Yivli Minare Mosque, Iskele, and Tekeli Mehmet Paşa Mosques, Hadrian's Gate (imagine, that it was constructed back in 130!), Atatürk's House Museum, the Archaeological Museum, the clock tower of Saat Kulesi. You can visit Kurshunlu and Duden waterfalls not far from Antalya. The resort is perfect for a vacation with children as it has two water parks and a dolphinarium.


Fethiye is another beautiful resort town. Due to the favorable climatic conditions and lack of wind, paragliding became one of the most popular attractions here. A slow paragliding descent from Mount Babadağ will give the most vivid sensations. Many people come to Fethiye for beach holidays. Moreover, photography, parasailing, kiting, rafting, diving, yachting, or jeep rallying can become a fascinating addition to it.


Bodrum is one of the gorgeous resort towns. It is located in the province of Mugla, in the Aegean Sea, in the north of the Gulf of Gökova. Bodrum is considered to be a youth resort as it has a record number of restaurants, nightclubs, and bars. Due to the frequent winds, this place is popular among surfers. Scandinavians, British, French, bohemians love spending their holidays in Bodrum.


Kemer is a charming, quiet town. It is located near Antalya, on the turquoise sea coast, surrounded by pine forests and mountains. Clean air and sea landscapes will leave you with the most positive emotions from your journey. There are several amusement parks and simulators in Kemer. Moreover, there are diving centers for children and adults, which conduct dives to the shipwrecks.


Marmaris is another beautiful and the most European resort town. It is located in a closed bay at the junction of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. It offers a wide range of places to explore and things to do: an aquapark, a harbor for yachts, a fortress with a beautiful panorama of the bay and the city, nightclubs, bars, and restaurants. Marmaris is perfect for sailing, windsurfing, and water skiing.

Things to keep in mind while going to Turkey

Turkey has been one of the most popular tourist destinations for many years. Sophisticated logistics of tourist routes and excellent service attract millions of travelers annually. However, some moments can ruin the entire impression of your visit to this country, so stay alert: 

  • in the markets, the price of products can be indicated for 500 grams, not per one kilo;
  • there are no day or night taxi rates in Turkey, try to choose a car with a meter to immediately see the mileage and cost;
  • thieves always accompany the crowds of people, so do not carry large amounts of money and documents. It is better to leave valuables in the hotel room, in the safe;
  • you should always keep in mind that Turkey is a Muslim country, which means that it has its peculiarities: do not wear open clothes when visiting mosques; at the same time, girls must cover their heads, and shoes should be left on the porch;
  • during Ramadan, you shouldn't walk around town with food and drinks and be more restrained in your clothes;
  • don't hold out a hand when you greet a woman; it might be considered as an invitation to get to know each other better;
  • it is not recommended to enter into disputes or any discussion about the Turkish authorities and policies.

The best time to visit Turkey

You can come on vacation to Turkey all year round. The best time for a beach holiday is from the middle of May to early October. February is the most suitable month for ski holidays in the north of the country. If you want to get acquainted with history, culture, and rich historical heritage of Turkey, March, April and the middle of autumn are the most comfortable period. During these months, the sun does not burn that much, and the temperature is +12 - +17 °С during the day, and +6 - +8 °С at night. This weather gives a chance to walk in the city without suffering from heat and sweat.

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