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Twenty kilometers of golden sand surrounded by pines and eucalyptus trees

Districts of Belek

The resort's coastline is divided into five beaches — Kumköy, Kadriye, Belek, Bogazkent, and Denizkent. The same-named districts (settlements) are lined up in front of each. The town of Belek is the economic and geographical center of the resort, located 1 km from the sea. About seven thousand people live in it. All adults are involved in the tourism industry. The best stores, cafes, and restaurants are concentrated here. A magnificent mosque with two minarets is located in the center.

Kadriye boasts an excellent municipal beach area, modern hotels, and plenty of greenery. It has a water park, shopping malls, and soccer and golf courses.

Bogazkent coast is built with beautiful hotels, houses, and villas. Many stores, cafes, and restaurants are nearby. There is also a natural park called Bird Paradise.

In Kumköy, there is a large public beach. Residents often come here for picnics. The western part of its shoreline is reserved for the hotel, but a river separates them. Guests are taken to the sea by boat; the nearest bridge is a few kilometers away.

A similar situation is with Denizkent beach, located east of the resort. Part of it belongs to a five-star hotel, although it is separated from it by the river. Guests can access a golf course, restaurant, cafes and stores, a SPA center, and swimming pools.


The permanent population of the resort is about ten thousand people. During the high season, this figure increases 8-10 times due to the influx of tourists.

Brief history

Belek, unlike neighboring resorts, cannot boast a long and eventful history. The archival documents did not mention this territory until the second half of the XIX century. During this period, Sultan Abdulaziz II ordered to transform the deserted sandy shore into an oasis and plant many pine, cedars, and eucalyptus trees on it. Later, a small village grew here, with inhabitants engaged in fishing and petty trade.

In its present appearance, Belek appeared on the map in 1984, when the government program to develop tourism in Turkey came into force. The resort was constructed literally in a few years from scratch. It was initially conceived as expensive and fashionable, with a hotel not lower than four stars, excellent service, and infrastructure.

The uniqueness of Belek is that all natural landscapes have been preserved during its creation. Nature reserves around the resort are home to 574 species of plants and many birds, including rare ones. On Belek's beaches, the turtles of the endangered Caretta caretta species lay their eggs. Ecologists control the functioning of these tourist areas, and the nesting places are carefully protected.

In 1994, Belek got a new round of development with the opening of the National Golf Club. This noticeably raised the status of the resort, attracting new respectable tourists. By the end of 2019, there were 12 modern and upscale golf courses. Eight more are scheduled to open. The first line of hotels are architectural and design masterpieces with the appropriate infrastructure and service level. Thanks to the mineral springs, Belek also has the status of a SPA resort.

The best time to visit Belek

Belek is characterized by a typical Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and moderately rainy winters. During the coldest period, the average air temperature does not fall below +10°C, and the peak summer temperatures can reach +43-45°C. The winter water temperature near the coast is about +17°C; in the heat, it is about +27°C.

The high season of beach holidays lasts from April to October. The especially active inflow of tourists begins in early May when the water parks open. But the spring and fall heat in this area can be deceptive. With an average daytime temperature of +21°C, the nights in April and May and September and October are quite cold with a temperature of +10-13°C. But the evenings are perfect for leisurely walks and sightseeing trips. The golf season in Belek comes with the fall, when the heat goes down, and lasts until the end of winter.

Jazz lovers should come here in June for the International Jazz Festival. Its venue is the stunningly beautiful Aspendos Amphitheatre. And in August and September, the Opera and Ballet Festival is in the same location. International dance events are also not uncommon here. February is the time for the International Belek Salsa Festival, and May is dedicated to Oriental dancing and Oriental dreams.

Useful notes

Things to do in Belek

  • Get a perfect tan. Almost the entire coastline of the resort is divided among the hotels. The beaches are marked with blue flags, safe and equipped to the highest standard: sun loungers, towels, sun shelters, showers, restrooms, cafes, and bars. The guests get all this for free. Guests from other hotels should be prepared for the security guards to ask them to leave the area politely. The beaches on both sides of the coastline belong to the city. They are almost as good as their private counterparts, but getting to them is a bit more challenging.
  • Join an elite sport by playing golf on one of the 12 courses in Belek. The National Golf Club, Antalya Golf Club, and Lykia Links Antalya are sure to please even the most demanding professionals. Beginners will love the teaching program offered by TAT Golf Belek International Golf Club.
  • Have an adventure day at Köprülü Canyon National Park and Reserve. One can admire the beautiful nature here and go rock climbing, horseback riding, and rafting on the mountain river Köprüçay.
  • Go on a safari through the picturesque surroundings of the resort on motorcycles, jeeps, or quad bikes.
  • Taste authentic cuisine outside the hotel. You can do it in style in one of the popular restaurants in town (Adana Ocakbasi or Deniz). Or buy a traditional sesame bagel or doner kebab (fried meat on a flatbread) from a street vendor.
  • Buy souvenirs at the bazaar between Aligentikaya and Atatürk streets. You should pay attention to the brightly painted dishes, jewelry with semi-precious stones, carpets, hookahs, traditional sweets, spices, and Turkish vodka raki.
  • Relax and recover by visiting one of the many SPA centers at the resort, or spend a day in Turkish baths. They actively use the healing properties of local springs and thalassotherapy. 
  • Have fun with the whole family at the Troy Water Park or The Land of Legends Theme Park.
  • Allocate a day to visit the ruins of ancient cities near Belek.

Map Belek

Hotels in Belek

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