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The city that has preserved the Hellenistic amphitheatre and the Lycian Tomb

Beaches on concrete tiles and pebbles Kucuk Cakil Beach


Kaş is located in the southwest of Turkey, on the Mediterranean Sea coast. The streets of a cozy and lovely resort town are situated on the slopes of the mountains and go down to the beach. Kaş is located in the south of the Teke Peninsula, 180 km from Antalya. There are many souvenir shops, restaurants, and cafes. All beaches in the city are mainly located on concrete blocks, so you have to go down the stairs to swim. There is a small pebbly beach Kucuk Cakil Beach 1500 m away from the center, Buyuk Cakil Beach is 2000 m to the east, and many others. But the most beautiful ones are located in the surrounding area, for example, the incredibly picturesque Kaputash Beach, which is 21 km from the city. In Kas, you should visit the Hellenistic amphitheater of the I century B.C., see the Lycian Lion's Tomb (IV century B.C.), and in summer, take a trip by sea to the Greek-owned island of Kastellorizo, which is 7 km from the city.

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