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Dubai is the largest city in the UAE that lies on the bank of the Persian Gulf

Administrative territorial division of Dubai

Dubai is divided into nine regions, and each of them consists of dozens of districts. They are historical and modern, picturesque and ordinary, luxurious and average, safe and troublesome. There are more than two hundred districts in the city. Not to mix everything up and get lost, we can divide Dubai into several conventional zones: the Bur Dubai is the historical part of the town; Deira is the east shopping part; Garden is the residential area; Downtown is the business center; Jumeirah is the maritime residential area; Dubai Marina is one of the most popular modern districts located near the bay in the west of the city. That’s where you will find the highest and most extraordinary residential towers: Cayan Tower, the Marina Torch, Princess Tower, and many others.

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The population of Dubai is actively growing. High living standards, economic stability, a high number of job opportunities with excellent salaries attract immigrants from all corners of the world. They already surpass half of the Dubai population. These are mainly the Chinese, Indians, Filipinos, Pakistanis, citizens of countries in Central and Eastern Africa, and also people from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. Only 15% of the population are the local Arabic people.

A brief history of Dubai

The history of Dubai takes us to the faraway past. The first nomadic tribes appeared on this territory in the III century BC. Later, Sasanian people and then Umayyads ruled at these lands. The later brought Islam here. For many centuries, the inhabitants of these areas had been fishing, extracting pearls, growing dates, breeding camels, and suffering from unbearable heat. According to the history, the Bani Yas tribe founded the first settlement here in 1799 and moved from the oasis in the desert.

In the 1800s, the city survives the most severe disasters: an epidemic of smallpox and an enormous fire that almost destroyed the town. The advantageous geographical location helped Dubai to regain its feet again. A mind-blowing economic boom happened in the 60s of the XX century. In this period, the locals found the deposits of the “black gold” - oil. This event transformed the lives of local citizens beyond recognition. There were not so many resources. However, the government used it so smartly that a small trading town with ten thousand people turned into one of the most captivating and incredible places on Earth. It seems that everything happened by the wave of the genie’s hand! In Dubai, they say: “We wanted the best and got it even better”. Come to Dubai and see everything with your own eyes. Travel enthusiasts state that if you come here again in three or four years, there’s hardly a chance of recognizing the familiar city. Dubai is so dynamic and rapidly-growing that the whole world lags behind. But the historical center, beauty of the bay, and a desire to create all the best and most incredible on the planet will never change.

Trip budget

Before the trip, you should calculate the approximate budget that you will require for the travel:

The best time to visit Dubai

Dubai is rightfully considered to be one of the hottest cities on the planet. In autumn, the shade temperature here can surpass +45 °C here. October and April are the most comfortable periods for coming on vacation. The summer heat decreases, the evenings are still warm, and the water is perfect for swimming. Winter also perfectly fit for a holiday in Dubai. If the average daily temperature of +19 °C is OK for you, days will treat you with warmth and evenings with a pleasant chill. In general, a period from October to April is considered to be the high season with the average air temperature of +20 °C - +30 °C. The majority of precipitations fall in February and March.

Useful notes

What should a tourist do in Dubai?

  • Reach the top of the Burj Khalifa. That’s a symbol of Dubai and the highest building in the world (828 meters, 163 floors). The observation decks of the skyscraper offer mind-blowing views of the city. The best time to go to the Burj Khalifa is either early in the morning or after the sunset. Once you have come down on the earth from the breathtaking height, you will come across another wonder of Dubai. This is the largest music and dancing fountain in the world. It reaches 150 meters in height.
  • Visit a bazaar on the bank of the Dubai Creek harbor. You can purchase everything here: from the highest sort of spices to unique golden pieces of jewelry. But it’s not about the goods. Here you can feel and experience the eastern spirit and atmosphere as it is. Learn its features, beauty, and character. Don’t forget to bribe while buying something! That’s a local tradition.
  • Take a picture in front of one of the gorgeous hotels in the world. The Burj Al Arab stands for the “Tower of the Arabs”. This snow-white symbol of modern Dubai is built in the form of a sail of the Arabic boat. It is one of the highest and most expensive hotels on the planet. Many scenes from Hollywood movies were filmed here.
  • Stroll unhurriedly around the Old Town. Pay special attention to the part that refers to the end of the XIX - beginning of the XX century. Bastakiya is one of the main historical attractions. Its wind towers are iconic models of the local houses erected in the traditional Arabic style. They were used to cool off the houses on hot days. It’s a so-called analog of air-conditioners. You can drop by the restored, oldest fort of Al Fahidi and learn everything about the city in the National Dubai Museum. Besides, there are plenty of galleries, cafes, and souvenir shops here.
  • Admire the most opulent undersea world of one of the largest nature museum in the biggest shopping center Dubai Mall. Over thirty thousand of the sea and ocean inhabitants are presented here. A walk along the underwater tunnel of the aquarium is definitely a bright and unforgettable adventure. There, the sharks and exotic fish swim around you
  • Get acquainted with Dubai metro, which routes go above the ground. It’s an excellent tour of the city.
  • Spend one evening in the roof-top bar on the roof on one of the numerous hotels in the city. Enjoy your cocktail and admire the magnificence of Dubai at night.
  • Have fun in the largest roofed themed amusement park in the world. IMG Worlds of Adventure has four zones and over twenty various roller-coaster and attractions that can fit any taste and age.
  • Enjoy a ride on the Dubai Eye that offers a magnificent view of the Persian Gulf.
  • Try to get into Madinat Jumeirah, the Little Venice of Dubai. It’s not that simple to do this. The most beautiful and expensive lux resort in Dubai has robust security and permits only the residents of the hotel to the territory. However, there are still two options. The first one is to book a table at one of the 44 restaurants of the complex. Or you can choose the second option which is cheaper and buy a tour on the Abra boat. It lasts twenty minutes and goes along the main canals of Madinat. That’s more than enough to get into a true Arabic fairy-tale.
  • You can’t miss the marvelous Miracle Garden located in the suburbs of the city. It’s the most extraordinary garden in the world. The majority of flowers are planted in the shapes of figures and altogether create a huge flower garden with inimitable fragrances and colors. Unfortunately, the garden is closed in summer due to the unbearable heat.
  • Buy dates as souvenirs for your family and friends. They are splendid here: fleshy and juicy, stuffed with nuts, or cooked in some other way. It will be the perfect present from the country of luxury and dreams.

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