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Christchurch Castle is one of the popular tourist destinations in the city of Bournemouth. The rich history of this place attracts crowds of tourists who want to explore the historic places in Great Britain.

Historic references

Christchurch Castle is located not far from Bournemouth, as well as Christchurch Priory. These places are the real national property of the city. Initially, it was a wooden fortress, erected back in the X century at the mouth of River Avon. It was used to protect the lands from the Vikings’ incursions. Later on, after the Norman conquest, the fortress was rebuilt in stone.

The oldest part of the laying dates back to 1160. After that, the castle was used to fight off the rebellious local citizens. In XVII, Oliver Cromwell ordered to demolish the castle. Nowadays, everything that reminds us of the past days is the remains of the tower and not filled parts of the moat.

Christchurch Castle and Norman House

The destroyed walls of the castle and the steps erose in the ground attract with their half-fractured beauty. No matter how weird it is, there’s a building in an excellent condition right to the castle. It’s the Constable’s House which also erected back in 1160.

Unlike the castle, the house managed to stay in almost perfect shape and is a vivid example of the Norman architecture of that period. What’s fascinating about this place is a rare chimney inside the house. It’s one of the five chimneys of that epoch which managed to survive till nowadays. The first floor of the houses tended to be used as a storeroom, and there was an outer staircase which led to the second floor. Only in the XIII century, it was developed into a “garderobe” - a so-called toilet.

For all the fans of the medieval attractions, Christchurch Castle is another chance to dive into the mysteries of the Norman conquers and take a sip of history.

Address: High Street, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 1AS.

How to visit: Christchurch Castle is opened every day during the day time. The entrance is absolutely free.

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