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Not far from the town of Bournemouth, in the South of Great Britain, can be found a charming Hengistbury Head headland. This place is of great interest to all the archeologists as it hides the signs of the settlements of ancient people dating to the stone, bronze, and iron ages.

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The sandy beaches of the headland were favored by all the fans of swimming. It’s a perfect place to enjoy a day with your family, friends or both. The paths of the headland are graveled and will lead you to stunning spots during your relaxing walks. And on a windy day, there’s nothing better than flying a kite. The fauna and flora of this area are under the protection. During summer months, crowds of tourists come here to enjoy the delicate singing of the larks.

Nowadays, the territory of the headland is threatened by destruction due to the strong erosion. It increased greatly in the XIX century under the influence of the human element and the considerable part of the headland was destroyed. Throughout the XX century, special actions had been taken which were aimed at saving the integrity of the territory and strengthening its coastline. Moreover, it’s important to save the unique saltmarsh which can be also found here.

Hengistbury Head headland is located in the east part of the county of Dorset. You can easily walk here or reach it by bus or bike.

Christchurch Castle is also a fascinating spot from the archeological point of you. It was erected back in the X century and is a must-see for all the fans of historic places.

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