Discover Edinburgh
The homeland of whiskey and the oldest city in Europe
Edinburgh is the capital and largest city of Scotland and the 7th largest in the United Kingdom

Districts of Edinburgh

If you want to get to know the cultural and architectural heritage of the city, then it is better to stay in the Old Town, Stockbridge, and Dean Village districts. Head to the New Town district for fun and shopping, while for a longer stay in Edinburgh, choose an apartment in the West End. These are quiet and neat residential areas with well-developed infrastructure.

Map Edinburgh

Population of Edinburgh

According to the latest census, there has been significant growth in Edinburgh. Curiously, the percentage of Britons to visitors in the city is 95% to 5%, while in London, it is 50% to 50%. The Scots are very friendly and kind. They are happy to help tourists. However, you should remember that English in these areas has a distorted pronunciation and a special dialect, so it is not always possible to immediately understand the local resident.

A brief history of Edinburgh

The first written mention of the future capital dates back to 1124 when the Holy Cross Church was built here. However, it is known for sure that the first settlements here were already in the VII century. Historians believe that Edinburgh is one of the oldest cities in Europe. There are two opinions on the origin of the name: in the name of King Edwinesburgensi and the town of Edenesburch, which was part of the charter of William the Lion in 1170.

Edinburgh became the capital in the XVII century after the Scottish Parliament was formed. Cultural, educational, and political life had always been concentrated here, despite the change of kings and other disturbances. 

In the XIX century, emigrants from Ireland flooded into the city, contributing to population growth. Throughout history, the region had remained one of the most prosperous in Britain.

Nowadays, Edinburgh has retained its status as a developed city with a low unemployment rate and high population income. It is the second most popular city in the UK after London. About one and a half million tourists come here every year. Architecture and old narrow streets encourage long walks, and the history of the region and traditional drinks can be found in numerous museums: Mary King's Close, Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre, Museum of Edinburgh.

Trip budget

Before the trip, you should calculate the approximate budget that you will require for the travel:





Average bill
in restaurant

from 72 €/nightfrom 125 €/nightStart - 3.51 €, 1km - 1.67 €1.49 €/liter64 € for 2 person

The best time to visit Edinburgh

The weather in Scotland is unstable. The influence of the wind and the location on the uneven terrain have their effect on the weather. Be prepared to wear warm clothes and carry an umbrella at any time of year. The weather can change a couple of times within 10 minutes. October and March are the rainiest months in Edinburgh. Summers are cool, and temperatures don't exceed +23 °С. Winters are quite warm. The minimum temperature in the cold season is only +4 °С.

The city hosts large-scale events such as the annual Edinburgh International Festival, where art representatives from all over the world gather.

Useful notes

Do you want to save money on sightseeing? The Edinburgh Pass is a single museum ticket created especially for tourists. You can buy it online on the official website or at any museum ticket office. For £45 (a price for a 1-day ticket for an adult), you get free admission to 15 museums and attractions, discounts in restaurants, and 40% off on various excursions. A children's ticket will cost £20. Edinburgh Pass is valid for 1, 2, or 3 days, depending on the fare.

There are no direct flights to Scotland, so we have to get through London. In addition to the plane, you can use the services of budget bus carriers megabus.com and nationalexpress.com. In general, the ticket price is around £10, but if there are discounts, you can even get it for £1. The train is more expensive and will cost you £40-100.

There's no point in getting a car in the city; renting a car is suitable for those planning to explore Scotland more closely. It costs £15 per day. Please note that the country has no developed hitchhiking, so you should not count on this type of travel.

What should a tourist do in Edinburgh?

  • See the largest collection of European paintings. The Scottish National Gallery has preserved the works of many famous artists — from Rubens to Cézanne.
  • Buy souvenirs on Princes Street. Here you can find everything: antiques, sweets, products. After shopping, you can take a stroll to Princes Street Gardens.
  • Dive into Harry Potter's world. At Greyfriars Kirkyard сemetery, you'll find Tom Riddle gravestone, and a stroll through the monuments will reveal many familiar names from the book. Be sure to visit the Elephant House café, where Joanne Rowling herself used to create her stories.
  • Realize that museums aren't boring. The National Museum of Scotland is among the topmost visited museums in the world. There is a wide choice for the curious — technique, science, art, archaeology, and even the stuffed Dolly the sheep.
  • Climb to the top of Arthur's Seat and enjoy the city from a bird's-eye view. From here, you can enjoy a picturesque view of the Old Town.
  • Try traditional dishes: Scottish Hog Roast, Oink, and real Scottish steak.
  • Walk along Royal Mile Street. The main attractions are located here — Edinburgh Castle, Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre, and many others.
  • Take pictures with men in a kilt, which are often found in tourist places.

Hotels in Edinburgh

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