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Administrative and territorial division of Liverpool

Liverpool is the largest out of 9 cities in the county of Merseyside. It is located in the north-western part of the English coastline, at the mouth of the River Mersey. The city is divided into 30 districts. The most renowned of them include the Albert Dock, Port of Liverpool, and Lime Street.

Liverpool on the map

Diversity of faces – Population of Liverpool

Local citizens of the cultural capital of Great Britain call themselves in a weird way: the Liverpudlians. People of Liverpool also have an informal but widespread in Britain nickname known as scousers. The rest of the world calls them either the Merseysiders (according to the title of the county) or simply the Liverpool. The population of the biggest city in the county of Merseyside became multinational owing to its past. It had been one of the largest trading centers in the world for a long period of time. Nowadays, the vast majority of the population are the native British (91%), and the Irish who settled here in the middle of the XIX century, trying to survive the hunger. Liverpool became the first city with the Chinatown in Europe in 1870. Chinese citizens were establishing commercial connections and migrated to other countries. They contributed their culture and originality to the city just like the representatives of other nations. The Asians and British Asians constitute almost 5% of the city’s population today. During the period of the commercial flourishing of the city, the slave trading was not less developed. After the abolition of this shameful phenomenon, many representatives of the African continent settled down in the city. There are almost 2% of the Africans and Afro-British in Liverpool today. The remaining 2% of the inhabitants represent the diversity and culture of a bright mixture of nationalities all over the world.

A history of Liverpool: from the “Muddy Pool” to the cultural capital

The unremarkable fishermen in Liverpool that literally means “the Muddy Pool” was mentioned for the first time in 1190. However, in the XVIII century, Liverpool achieved the status of the main port in Great Britain. Half of the world’s trade turnover went through it. After the city had become the international trading hub, it started developing rapidly, absorbing the culture of different countries and nations. Plenty of architectural masterpieces that hosted shipping and insurance companies were built at that time.

No wonder, that the first passenger steam locomotive departed from Liverpool to Manchester in 1830. Tremendous steamships were built in the docks of the flourishing city. The worldwide known liners like the White Star Line, Olympic, Britannic and the notorious Titanic are registered at the Port of Liverpool.

World War II gave the flourishing city no quarter. It destroyed and damaged many wonderful buildings but even this tragedy didn’t stop its development. Liverpool was rebuilding and recovering actively in the post-war period. The monumental Seaforth Dock appeared here. It was the largest dock in Great Britain and it breathed new life into the city.

In the 60s, the city tries on a new role. It became the international center of the youth culture and gave the legendary Fab Four to the world. Millions of music fans rushed here to see The Beatles, creating an absolutely new cultural milestone in history. Nowadays’ Liverpool secured for itself the status of the cultural capital of the UK not only owing to the Beatles’ heritage. It is also famous for the incredibly captivating and vast history of shipping, eclectic architecture, fascinating exhibitions, and large-scale concerts.

The best time to visit Liverpool

There are almost no cold winters here. Therefore, there’s no need waiting for summer if you want to get acquainted with this amazing city. Keep in mind, that national holidays in Liverpool are often called the bank holidays. It means that the majority of establishments don’t work. Quite frequently, even the shops close their doors. Such holidays include Christmas, Easter, and the Queen’s Birthday.

At the beginning of November, every street in Liverpool celebrates Guy Fawkes Night. The citizens make fires and burn scarecrows, set off fireworks, light candles, have fun, and saying farewell to autumn and greeting winter.

The International Beatleweek is held at the end of summer every year. It is one of the largest and most significant festivals. Cover-groups from more than 20 countries play live songs non-stop on dozens of special platforms. In addition to concerts, they arrange auctions of memorable things connected with The Beatles, the displays, watching videos, observation tours, and even conferences.

The Mersey River Festival is held in the city in spring. Street artists with theatrical plays and musicians of various genres perform at the city’s waterfront. The sport ship sailing contest with various sailing vessels is arranged in the dock.

No matter when you decide to visit this splendid city, the time will be fortunate and you will get plenty of delight and impressions.

Useful notes

What should a tourist do in Liverpool

  • Visit the most renowned and remarkable Albert Dock, a true landscape of Liverpool. It was built in 1846 according to the brave project by the engineer Jesse Hartley. During its erection, no wood was used for the first time. The construction of the building was innovative in the building industry. After the war, the dock lost its strategic destination. However, nowadays, it was restored and rebuilt. Now it is an atmospheric and modern stylish complex with a variety of museums and recreational space. The majority of Liverpool attractions are located in the Albert Dock. People come here for a walk, grab a snack, drink a cocktail or two in a fashionable bar or listen to music.
  • Attend the Merseyside Maritime Museum which will captivate all the fans of history and marine theme. It displays unique exhibits devoted to shipbuilding, transatlantic slave-trading, and migration. The complex is located in the northern part of the Albert Dock.
  • Enjoy splendid pictures at the Tate Liverpool art gallery. It hides in the store premises and keeps the largest collection of paintings by the famous Turner and other not less fascinating displays.
  • Absorb the mind-blowing energy of the Fab Four at The Beatles Story museum which is also located in the Albert Docks. The atmosphere at the exhibition is incredible! In the first halls, you can listen to the earliest creations of the quartet. The last halls air the latest song accordingly. In the Hall of John Lennon, “Imagine” is playing on repeat. You shall see the pictures and concert videos, belongings of the legendary four. You can even listen to the screams of fans to fully dive into The Beatles’ world.
  • Genuine fans of The Beatles should visit not only the museum but also the first club where they performed - The Cavern Club, and the gin shop by the club, the Cavern Pub.
  • Take a panoramic picture near the architectural symbol of Liverpool: the composition of the Three Graces. It consists of three unique buildings included in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The first grace is the Royal Liver Building, which was also the first building to have been built with reinforced concrete. The second one is the Cunard Building, constructed from Portland stone. The architects created this marvelous model mixing up the Italian and Greek Renaissance. The last element of this captivating architectural compositions is the Port of Liverpool Building. The construction of the port is built in the Edwardian Baroque style. Its magnificence is frequently compared to the Capitol Building in Washington and the St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.
  • Look at the city from a new angle and take a ride in the bright cruise motorboats called the Mersey Ferries. This tour will bring your aesthetic delight and unbelievable emotions.
  • Attend a football game. Citizens of Liverpool are inveterate football fans famous at every stadium in the world. You will get mind-blowing emotions after watching the home game between Liverpool and Everton.
  • Explore and dive into the drive of Liverpool's nightlife on Hardman and Seel Street which were named the Liverpool student quarters. Here you shall find a diversity of small atmospheric pubs and big music halls with indie, rock, electronic and metal music.

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