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The famous English town called Liverpool is renowned not only for being the motherland of the celebrated band The Beatles and their The Beatles story museum, but also for its monuments, galleries, and museums.

Tate Liverpool is one of the most popular attractions in the city. It’s included in the Tate galleries network which is located in various cities of England.

History of Tate’s creation

Its history begins in 1897 when it was created as the National Gallery of British Art. However, the time had its corrections and soon there was a need to include pieces of modern art to the exhibitions. That’s how the gallery received its current name. Initially, it occupied the building on Millbank Street, in London. But in 2000, its collection was divided into 4 museums:

  • Tate Britain which displays the collections of British National art starting with 1500 and till nowadays;
  • Tate Modern is also located in London just as Tate Britain. It demonstrates the collections of world and British modern art starting with 1900;
  • Tate St. Ives’ expositions depict the works of the modern artists who are directly connected with Cornwall district;
  • Tate Liverpool was opened in 1988 in the Albert Dock area and displayed the collections from Tate galleries in London as well as its own pieces of modern art.

Tate Liverpool Exposition

Till 2003, Tate Liverpool had been the biggest modern art museum located out of London. Its halls demonstrate the art objects which had been created on the British Isles since the XIV century. Besides, it displays the collections of modern foreign art.

It’s Tate Liverpool that keeps the biggest collection of pictures by renowned William Turner and organizes temporary exhibitions. 

Gallery’s life nowadays

The building occupied by Tate Liverpool is actually a storage accommodation which had been once rebuilt. The whole complex of port constructions in Liverpool, including the gallery, is known as the  Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City and is denominated by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. Here, every building is under state protection as the architectural and historical attraction of Britain.

Tate Liverpool pays special attention to the educational programs within the scope of which they throw various events. They target both adult and children audiences.

Important information for visitors

Address: Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4BB.

Working hours: daily from 10:00 to 17:00.

What to see: check out the calendar of exhibitions and events on the official website of Tate Liverpool.

The entrance to Tate Liverpool is free (except for special exhibitions).

To make your stay as comfortable and calm as possible, we highly recommend not to waste time looking for an accommodation option and book a hotel in Liverpool online in advance.

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