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One of the most beautiful attractions in England is Manchester Cathedral.

Its history dates back to the old Medieval period. This incredible building had survived many tough times, however, managed to survive and save its magnificence till our days.

Brief information

The official name of Manchester Cathedral is the Cathedral and Collegiate Church of St Mary, St Denys, and St George. The building with such an impressive full name is one of the main attractions in Great Britain. It’s a real monument to the history and architecture of the country. The cathedral is located in the very center of Manchester, in Victoria Street.

Manchester Cathedral chapel
Manchester Cathedral © Iryna Kalamurza / Shutterstock

The history of Manchester Cathedral

Long before its erection, in the distant 1215, there used to be the first church dedicated to St. Mary on the spot of Manchester Cathedral. However, no remains of the building managed to survive till nowadays. The cathedral had been reconstructed, rebuilt and expanded during the Victorian Era.

During the Manchester Blitz which took place in World War II, the German bomb greatly ruined the cathedral. Both chapels which had been built on the donations from James Stanley and Lady Chapel were absolutely destroyed. The explosive wave gave no quarter to the marvelous Victorian stained-glass windows.

Eventually, when James Stanley took over the administration of the cathedral, the reconstruction and the building of the church were renewed. As the churchwarden and the happy relative of the Tudor dynasty, he did his best to renovate the cathedral. Owing to his wealth, Stanley invited the best masters in Great Britain to rebuild the church.

The cathedral had been building since 1485 to 1506. The main part of the building was constructed in the Gothic style. James had also introduced the wooden elements of the Medieval items which amaze with their grandeur and originality. For example, the choir stalls and the impressive roof of the nave which is held by the sculptures in a form of angels are considered to be Stanley’s contribution.

And if you want to get acquainted with the art side of the city, head to study the best paintings at Manchester Art Gallery.

Interior of the cathedral in Manchester
Cathedral in Manchester © cowardlion / Shutterstock

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