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One of the biggest university museums in Great Britain is the Manchester Museum. Its expositions are devoted to archeology, natural history, and anthropology. The museum occupies its celebrated spot among other tourist destination in Great Britain.

All the exponents which are displayed in the museum are in general intended to be used during the researches and investigations carried out by the students. All objects are the property of the university. Despite this fact, the museum is always opened for the visitors and is considered to be a pretty popular attraction of Manchester.

Briefly about the Manchester Museum

It was created in 1867 owing to the museum meetings of the Manchester Society of Natural History. Throughout its long history, the museum faced financial difficulties and the building changed not once. Nowadays, the Manchester Museum is located on Oxford Road where you can get acquainted with the exponents.

After 150 years, all the exponents were arranged in the following sections: numismatics and paleontology, entomology, geology, ethnography, zoology, botany, and also archeology and Egyptology. Nowadays, the museum has its own aquarium and vivarium.

Exposition of the Manchester Museum

Despite the diversity of sections, the museum is nevertheless famous for its richest collections in Egyptology. It’s the biggest one if the United Kingdom and consists of approximately 20 000 objects. Among the items included in the collection, you shall see the stone sculptures from various temples in the Nile Delta, animals’ mummies, burial masks, sarcophagi, and many other ancient objects.

The collection of the zoological exponents is not less interesting. Here you shall find anything from the stuffed animals to the absolutely complete skeleton of Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Numismatics section

The museum may also attract the fans of numismatics by its diverse collection of coins. The first exponents of the collection appeared in 1895. They were presented to the museum by a businessman called Reuben Spencer. Lately, many various collections of coins were donated to the museum. They refer to Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, Antique times, and the XVII, XVII, and XIX centuries. There are also coins from India and Europe, and an extremely fascinating Asian collection which comprises over 4000 coins from Korea, China and Japan.

Souvenir Shop

There’s a souvenir shop operating at the museum. It’s not a trite shop. Here you may purchase pretty fascinating and extraordinary goods - from Roman swords, fossils and Egypt papyri to knickknacks from the African tribes. It also sells various literature written by the employees of the museum.

Important information for visitors

Address: University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL.

Admission free

Working hours: daily from 10:00 to 17:00 (every Thursday - from 10:00 to 21:00).

How to get to the Manchester Museum: buses: № 15, 41, 42, 43, 140, 141, 142, 143, 147. Get off at the Manchester Museum/ Oxford Road stops.

After the introduction to the history of Manchester, it’s time to get acquainted with its literary fund at John Rylands Library.

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