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One of the most renowned attractions in England - Manchester Town Hall - is an excellent example of architecture in Neo-gothic style with a tiny touch of early British Gothic.

Experts say that the building of Manchester Town Hall is included in the top-5 significant attractions of Manchester.

Victorian Municipal Building in Manchester
Manchester City Hall © SAKhanPhotography / Shutterstock

The history of building Manchester Town Hall

Manchester was especially rapidly developing and growing in the beginning and especially the middle of the XIX century. The old Town Hall which used to be at the King Street did not correspond anymore with the status of the huge industrial and commercial center. As the result, another attraction was added to the considerable list of sights in Great Britain - Manchester Town Hall.

The construction of the Town Hall began in 1868 and was finished in 1877. The famous English architect, Alfred Waterhouse created the project for the building and was managing the construction process. The choice of the main material, tough sandstone was influenced by the necessity to fit into a small piece of land provided for the building up. Another factor was the air pollution which is typical for cities with developed industries. The material, by turn, determined the peculiarities of planning the insides of the Town Hall.

Town Hall Clock in Albert Square
Manchester City Hall © Martin Holden Images / Shutterstock

General description of the attraction

Though the exterior of Town Hall makes many people think that it’s a Medieval construction, it’s actually nothing more but the stylized design. Some outer peculiarities include the atypical for the Gothic style stinginess of colors and almost no engravings. Instead, the Town Hall is decorated with sculptures which depict the famous citizens of Manchester from various epochs.

The interior of Manchester Town Hall uses the daylight to its maximum. The decorations are mainly made of light materials. Ceiling paintings and Dutch tiles play a significant role among the decorative elements. And if you enter the big hall, you’ll be mesmerized by the frescoes and the organ.

The prominent outer detail of the Town Hall is the tower with a clock 85 meters in height and the Campana which consists of 23 bells.

The Present

The building is frequently used by the film-makers. For example, as a replacement for Westminster Abbey (owing to the formal resemblance of these two incredible architectural examples). The insides of the hall were used during the direction of the movie called “The Iron Lady”.

Another attraction of Manchester which has been repeatedly featured in various movies in Manchester Cathedral.

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