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The city of a royal residence and picturesque nature
A small town southwest of London - this could have been the entire description of Windsor if it was not for one crucial fact

Districts of Windsor

The small territory of Windsor explains the fact why it doesn't have any strict administrative division in the city. Tourists can choose any area to stay in. There is no difficulty in getting to the center or the main attractions.

As far as the most famous streets are concerned, local citizens and guests of Windsor prefer the following ones:

  • Kings Road with a cozy atmosphere and gorgeous houses in Georgian style;
  • The Long Walk is a developed area with restaurants and shops;
  • A so-called Windsor Golden Triangle that includes such streets as Gloucester Place, Adelaide Square, Frances Road.

Map Windsor


Windsor is a multinational city as in its streets, and you can meet a representative of almost every nationality on the planet. If you take a look at the ethnic composition of the city, you shall see that 70% of the citizens are the native British, while the other 30% are the representatives of ethnic minorities. The Negroid race is the largest group (11%), and it includes Africans, Caribbeans, and different nationalities. Immigrants from South Asia and the Middle East compile another 10%. The Irish conclude 3%, and the remaining 6% belong to different nationalities.

History of the city

The first record about Windsor in history appeared on the pages of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. Back then, the town was known as New Windsor that originated from the old English phrase "winch by the riverside". Famous Windsor Castle was built in 1170, and in two years, a bridge across the Thames was constructed. It united Windsor with the neighboring Eton. New Windsor enjoyed royal privileges, was the central city in the county, and received the status of a royal borough in 1277.

In the Middle Ages, New Windsor ranked among the fifty wealthiest cities in England. The town was flourishing: trading was in bloom, the castle was rebuilt and expanded. The end of the XV century became the period of the mass pilgrimage of people who came to New Windsor only to visit the shrine of Henry VI and touch the fragment of the True Cross.

Ten years after the Reformation, New Windsor was actively built up. At the same time, it was quite a poor and unattractive town. During the English Civil War, Colonel Venn had his headquarters here. After his departure, Roundheads occupied the city. Charles I was buried in New Windsor in 1649. The situation in the town did not change even after Charles II had come to power. The decline and devastation had been continuing until the beginning of the XIX century.

Kings returned to New Windsor in 1778. In 1840, Windsor Castle became the residence of Queen Victoria. A new status favored a quick construction of the railway and the rapid development of the city. It turned into the capital of the empire and attracted leaders of many European states. In 1974, the city received its modern name - Windsor. The royal castle became a record-holder on the amount of time its owners spend in their estate.

Modern Windsor is one of the most popular tourist cities in Great Britain. It has a pleasant atmosphere of calmness and appeasement, and thousands of travelers from all over the world come here every year.

Trip budget

Before the trip, you should calculate the approximate budget that you will require for the travel:

The best time to visit Windsor

Summer months are considered to be the best time for visiting Windsor. In this period, the weather in the city is warm and dry. It's an excellent chance to enjoy long walking tours and warmth. The air temperature is around +20 °С, but sometimes it can reach +25 or even +30 °С. You should keep in mind that summer is a high season and many tourists come to Windsor. Therefore, you must be ready for crowds and lines.

As autumn comes, the weather gradually becomes worse. Windsor greets its guests with gloomy and rainy days. The air temperature decreases to +10 °С. The high humidity level makes strolls less comfortable. Winter months are the same, but the temperature decreases to -5 °С, and the days are considerably shorter. In spring, Windsor comes back to life and amazes everyone with its gorgeous parks. It's incredibly charming in this season.

If you want to attend a holiday during your trip to Windsor, we can recommend you to plan your vacation for the middle of May. That's when the famous Royal Windsor Horse Show is held. It gathers guests from all over the world. A visit to Windsor during Christmas and New Year holidays is not less fascinating. The city is decorated with millions of lights and sparks.

Useful notes

What should a tourist do in Windsor?

Unlike London, which requires at least one week of your time, if you want to see the main sights, it will take you a couple of days to see the most exciting attractions in Windsor. Many tourists even come here for just one day. However, we still highly recommend you to devote a whole weekend to this city. That's the plan for your holiday:

  • Visit Windsor Castle - a current residence of the English Queen. Most tourists come to Windsor only to see the castle. It's considered to be the largest and the most beautiful one in Great Britain and amazes guests with its splendor. Spacious halls, royal apartments, a Throne room - it's easy to feel yourself like a member of a Royal Family in this atmosphere.
  • Check out St. George's Chapel. This shrine is, without doubt, one of the main attractions on the territory of Windsor Castle. The marvelous Gothic architecture astonishes you at first sight. The chapel looks majestic and quite impressive. That's the place where thirty-five members of the Royal Family are buried.
  • Go into raptures over the fabulous Queen Mary's Dolls' House. This is, perhaps, the most incredible attraction you can see in Windsor Castle. The unique dolls' house consists of more than forty rooms, has two elevators, furniture, various technical devices, electrical illumination, and even a water supply system. By the way, Queen Mary got this miniature masterpiece at the age of 57!
  • Stroll along the shady alleys of the Royal Garden. The beauty of the park located nearby Windsor Castle is impressive. Besides, it's a pleasure to know that the Queen herself also walks down these paths. You may even ride a horse or rent a bicycle in the park, or throw a picnic and attend the Botanic garden.
  • Take a photo in a costume from the Victorian era. There is a unique photo studio not far from Windsor Castle. Everyone who feels like it, can try on traditional English outfits: guards' uniform or a costume of Sherlock Holmes for men, and a lacy dress, gloves, hats with feathers for women. In addition to clothes, a tourist gets a decoration in the form of an English mansion and a goldish photo frame.
  • Feel like a child again in Legoland Windsor Resort. A theme park with attraction is a must-visit place if you travel with children. It offers an enormous territory, beautiful decorations, and a wide range of attractions for children of various ages. There might be too many people in the park on weekends. Experienced travelers advise buying a q-bot in advance not to waste time in lines.
  • Take a water-tour along the Thames river. Watching Windsor from water is a unique delight, especially when we are talking about the Thames. Tourists can choose from several types of cruise ships and barges. Many of them offer theme parties and lunch or dinner on the water. The combination of architecture and picturesque nature will bring many delightful emotions to travelers.
  • Take a tour of the brewery. It's one of the most extraordinary and memorable attractions for adult tourists. A trip to a brewery will tell you more about the traditions of brewing, let you watch various production stages, and taste different sorts of beer that are produced in Windsor.
  • Visit Eton College. The most aristocratic education establishment in Great Britain is located across the bridge from Windsor Castle. It's a college for boys and young men. The education is quite expensive even by English standards. However, it's considered to be prestigious and extremely noble.

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