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Museums of porcelain, gloves, cathedrals, and tasting Worcester sauce


Worcester is in the western part of England. The city is located on the River Severn, near the border with Wales. Once upon a time, the Romans built a fortified settlement there. The city is known for the decisive battle of civil war near Worcester in 1651. Cromwell's army defeated monarchy supporters. Berrow's Worcester Journal is the oldest newspaper on the planet and is still published in the city. Its first issue came out in 1690. The town has been producing the famous Worcester porcelain since 1751. Today the factory is closed, but you can see the products in the Porcelain Museum. It is worth visiting the museum of gloves because once, one and a half hundred factories used to produce them in the city. It is also worth visiting the Cathedral of Christ and Blessed Virgin Mary, which started to be built in the XI century. Tourists buy Worcester sauce, which has been produced in the city since 1897.

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