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The United States of America is an alluring and multifaceted country in North America

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States of the USA

A state is the main state and territorial unit in the USA. Each of the 50 states has its branches of government, constitution. Alaska is the largest state, while Rhode Island is the smallest one. There is a notion of “51 states”. It concerns the territories which lay claim to being a state. They include the District of Columbia, New York City, Southern Utah, Puerto Rico, Eastern Oregon, Superior, Northern Virginia, and Lincoln.


Traveling around the USA

If you want to understand the US and discover the contrasts of this country, you have to travel all over its lands from one coast to another. We recommend you to start your adventure from the north-east. That’s the region, where the colonization of America began back in the XIV century. Washington is the capital of the USA and the center of the world’s democracy. The main administrative buildings of the country are concentrated here: the White House, the headquarters of the US Congress, the Pentagon, Supreme Judicial Court, and other governmental organizations. The city looks pompous and is in marked contrast to any other megalopolis in the USA. Unlike New York, it doesn’t have a single skyscraper. At the same time, the Big Apple is a city of opportunities and making the American dream come true. Isn’t it wonderful to go jogging into Central Park and stroll under the neon signs at Times Square? Drink a cup of coffee on the Brooklyn Bridge and ascend the Statue of Liberty; shake the forepaw of the T-Rex at the American Museum of Natural History or listen to some jazz in Greenwich Village. We are all familiar with all of these owing to the diversity of movies and songs devoted to this megapolis.

The North

In the north, the enormous horseshoe of Niagara Falls united Canada and America. It’s neither the highers nor the widest waterfall in the world. However, the power of this water flow falling down with great force from the cliff is truly impressive.

The specialists for the stock exchanges in New York and governers of the Capitol study on the east coast. Harvard, Yale, Brown, Princeton, Cornell — all these names traditionally associate with prestige and high quality of education. Every year, the universities of the Ivy League offer scholarships for education. So, anyone can enter the society of the young American elite, even you.


The seriousness of the north-eastern region can be easily dispelled with a trip to the south. Here, in the state of Florida, you can watch, gasped, the launch of the rockets, spend the whole day having fun at Legoland and Walt Disney World, relax on snow-white sandy beaches, and search for the rare species of a cougar in the mangroves of Everglades National Park.

If you can smell a sharp odor of the hydrogen sulfide, you have probably arrived at Yellowstone National Park. Hot springs, painted with dozens of bacteria; geysers that are more than 2000 meters in height; sky-blue lakes - the picture is mind-blowing! In addition to everything, all this water around you is boiling and bubbling, getting warmed up from the active supervolcano.

The West

Let’s go further to the west. Here, the red rocks more than two kilometers in height and bitten by a wild river meet you. You stand on the top and can’t decide won’t deeper: the blue sky with the cry of the falcon, or Grand Canyon which echo reflects the original song of the feathered hunter.


Passing by the stone canyon, moving through the forests and waterfalls of Yosemite National Park, you find yourself in California. Sunny Los Angeles will meet you with the landscapes of Beverly Hills and Melrose districts. They seem to be so familiar after watching those renowned series in the 90s. One a year in Hollywood, the worldwide known movie stars tremble with excitement and get jitters on the red carpet aspiring to get the Oscars. Long Beach and Santa Monica are never tired to please their visitors with golden beaches, fluffy palm trees, and perfect waves for surfing. When the tan has firmly stuck to your skin, head to get more impressions at Universal Park and Disneyland. Believe us, these places entertain and amaze not only children!

Places You Can’t Miss

When you travel across the US, there are several places you can’t miss. Don’t forget to add Millennium Park in Chicago, the mountain lakes in the suburbs of Seattle, the city of sin and depravity Las Vegas, and, of course, Hawaii, the island of songs to ukulele, and silk velvet sunsets to your route. In general, just improvise! No matter what direction you choose, you will always find something interesting and incredible!

Culture of the USA

The cultural layer of the USA was formed by more than one European nation. The French, Spaniards, Dutch, Africans, Englishmen, and Portuguese contributed to its formation. The Englishmen played a key role in it. In 1620, 102 puritan-Calvinists got off the British galleon called Mayflower and stepped on the American continent. Their preaching provided the basis of the main principles of democracy and civil rights. They also ingrained the idea of religious liberty.


One can say without exaggeration that the USA is the most religious state among other developed countries in the world. Over 80% of the population go to church. Absolute religious freedom gave a boost to the development of new religious movements: Mormonism, Socinianism, Mennonites, Pietism, Jehovah's Witnesses, and others. This influenced the calendar of holidays. They celebrate both Orthodox and Catholic Easter, the Irish St. Patrick’s Day, Mexican Cinco de Mayo, Celtic Halloween, and a diversity of other holidays.

The first show and movie productions

Mass production is the main characteristic feature of American culture. The USA became the leader in the production of news and TV shows. Many of them adapt various countries to their mentality. They also hold the top spot in the film industry in the world. The projects for mass film distribution are produced en masse. This fact allows them to regularly please viewers with romances, comedies, cartoons, and blockbusters. The system of movie starts was created in Hollywood. As a result, this district in Los Angeles was called the “dream factory”.

Music legacy of the USA

The world should thank the USA for the lively notes of country and folk music, the rebellious rock songs, chaotic passages of Jazz and Blues, gangster rap and the ghetto’s hip-hop, pop hits that sound from every loudspeaker. Elvis, Michael Jackson, Louis Armstrong, 2Pac, Nirvana, Kiss, Guns N' Roses, Korn, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake - we can bet that at least one these representatives of the largest American music labels is on your playlist.

Love for sports

Americans also adore competitive sports. Everyone has his favorite basketball and hockey teams. In February, everybody freezes by the screens watching the final matches of the Super Bow. Every American child dreams of catching a baseball, skillfully battered by a sportsman in the offside.

What do Americans eat?

American cuisine traditionally associates with fast food. Hot dogs, donuts, burgers, corn dogs, taco, sandwiches, and Asian noodles in carton boxes - citizens of megapolises got used to eating fast and on foot. But American cuisine is not limited to fast food products only. Traditional USA dishes include an apple pie, a juicy steak and barbeque, hot and spicy chicken wings, coconut pudding, and fried turkey for Thanksgiving. For breakfasts, the Americans choose a sandwich with peanut butter or jam and cornflakes. A cranberry sauce is a must-have for every dinner. 

For many people, the USA remains to be the country of dreams. Someone has already loved it, got disappointed, and fell in love again. One thing we know for sure. America changes people’s mindsets forever. Even if you have just visited it once.

The best time to visit the USA

The USA occupies ½ of North America. And if in Illinois the change of seasons is evident, Hawaii offers you almost permanent summer. In case you travel to the US for the sake of swimming in the ocean, then you should definitely choose the period from May to September. If you want to conquer the Jackson Hole skiing resort in Wyoming, visit America in winter. And if you have always dreamt of finding yourself in the Christmas atmosphere from the “Home Alone” movie, you should fly to the USA in December. From the very beginning of the month, the streets and shop-fronts are lit with fairy enchanting lights, and the air is filled with the spirit of Christmas.

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