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The most European city in the USA
Boston is the capital and the largest city in the state of Massachusetts

Districts of Boston

Boston consists of 28 districts. The most popular of them include Chinatown with a diversity of Chinese and Vietnamese cafes and markets; Charlestown with the most beautiful streets and houses made of red bricks; Beacon Hill where the oldest government house is located; Financial District that offers not only banks but also a huge aquarium; Back Bay and North End where you can rent cheap apartments. North End is actually called the “small Italy” due to the peculiar ancient architectural buildings. They were constructed by the immigrants from Europe and the majority of them were Italian.

Map Boston

Population of Boston

The white people of Irish and Italian origin compile the majority of the city’s population. Moreover, one of the biggest Asian expat communities in the USA lives here. The local population embraces of different cultures and religious confessions. Thanks to a large number of students, the nightlife doesn’t stop till the sun goes up.

A brief history of Boston

Boston is one of the oldest cities in America. It is believed to be founded on the 7th of September 1630. Puritan colonizers used to live on these lands. A year after the settlement, they began to open colleges here. The most renowned and the oldest college in the state of Massachusetts was named Harvard.

Until the XVIII century, Boston had been considered to be the largest city in British America but gave in its place to New York. In 1770, as the American War of Independence began, the American colonizers endured repression from the British side. However, they managed to restore the economy quickly once the riots had been over. The state became the largest trading port. It exported products, tobacco, and salt.

At the beginning of the XX century, Boston was on the edge of decay. The labor power left the state in search of higher salaries, the manufacturing industry stopped. In 1970, the city again became the economical and technological center of America. New universities opened their doors to students. It attracted the youth, introduced new technologies, and the political life returned to normal. 

Modern Boston is one of the oldest and, at the same time, one of the youngest cities in the USA due to the abundance of students and young people.

Trip budget

Before the trip, you should calculate the approximate budget that you will require for the travel:

The best time to visit Boston

New England is located in the zone with a continental climate. The weather is summer is warm and humid. The winters are, however, snowy and windy. January is the coldest month. The air temperature decreases to -10 °С. June is the hottest month in the city with the unbearable +39 °С. As far as rains and precipitations are concerned, these are frequent guests in Boston. The rain often drizzles and the weather can change several times in a couple of hours.

Useful notes

What should a tourist do in Boston?

  • Visit the most picturesque park in the USA, the Boston Public Garden. A small bridge, a pond buried in verdure, the fragrance of various plants, and splendid showy hydrangeas - this is a true oasis in the middle of the city. Local citizens love coming here for a walk and photographers don’t miss a chance to catch a great picture here. Back Bay and Beacon Hill districts are also located nearby. They are famous for their photogenic architecture.
  • See the monumental buildings of Harvard University. The outward appearance of the surrounding grounds and its architectural complex resemble movie scenes where the students with books sit on the steps leading to the library surrounded by marvelous nature. The architectural style of the buildings fascinates with its beauty: snow-white columns, contrast brickwork. When you visit this place, you regret that you have not spent your college years here.
  • Listen to the concert at Emmanuel Church that became the so-called cultural center of the city. This place hosts various concerts of different music genres. Many young people are real fans of this church.
  • Feel like a real aristocrat. Spend one night in Boston playing billiards. Attend the oldest Boston Billiard Club. It is a real embodiment of the previous epoch where every detail of the interior is real antiques.
  • Buy ecological presents. A shop called Envi sells a wide range of clothes and decor made of natural materials at pleasant prices. It’s an excellent alternative for those who are sick and tired of plastic and synthetic materials. If you are looking for hand-made jewelry, visit a shop called Beadworks.
  • Drop by the Paul Revere House. The oldest building in Boston attracts tourists who are fond of history. Believe us, this place lots of things to see and listen to.

Hotels in Boston

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