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According to the 2010 census, 261,310 people are living in Buffalo. Of these, 82 percent are white, 13 percent are African-American, 3.3 percent are Hispanic, 1.3 percent are Asian, and 0.6 percent are Indian. The ethnic composition of the urban population is diverse. But most of them come from Germany, Ireland, Poland, and Italy. There is also a large Jewish diaspora.


Until the second half of the XVIII century, Indian tribes had lived in the area of Buffalo. Then settlers from Europe came here. Soon, a trading post occurred, which a few years later became a small settlement of Buffalo Creek.  The origin of the town's name is not exactly known. There is a version that it has French roots and is translated as "a beautiful river". This is most likely connected with Niagara, which flows near the city. 

In the early XIX century, the Erie Canal was opened, which connected the Great Lakes system with the Atlantic Ocean. Buffalo became the eastern, final station of the canal. This led to its active development. Already in 1832, the settlement received the status of a city. Gradually, it became an important industrial center of the country, the largest inland port. It was in Buffalo, for the first time in the United States, that electric street lights appeared. It happened in 1881. 

In 1901, the city opened the international Pan-American Exhibition. It went down in history, thanks to a tragic event. The 25th President of the United States, William McKinley, was mortally wounded at the fair. 

The second half of the XX century brought a decline to the city. The reason for this was the opening of a shipping passage through the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. As a result, the value of the Erie Canal decreased significantly. In Buffalo, industrial plants and offices of many companies closed down. This led to a reduction in the city's population. But at the same time, it significantly improved the environment. As a result, in 2005, Buffalo became one of the cleanest cities in the USA.

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The best time to visit Buffalo

The city has a temperate climate, influenced by the Great Lakes. The snow effect of the lakes is often observed here, when the cold air above the lake mixes with warm and humid air, resulting in snowfall. Heavy snowfalls occur here between October and January and stop when the lake is covered with ice.  The average temperature in winter is -1 ºC — -4 ºC. In summer, the air warms up to +21 ºС — +23 ºС. The most comfortable period to get acquainted with the city is the late spring-early autumn. 

Every year, in mid-May, the city holds a festival of comic book lovers Nickel City Con. Thousands of people dressed up as comic book characters play performances, organize festive processions, and mass fun. 

Music lovers from all over the country are rushing to Buffalo in late July. This is the time for the 103.3 WEDG Edgefest. The grand music festival gathers fans of many genres — country, rock, and pop. Famous artists and music groups perform in front of the audience.

Whatever time of year you visit Buffalo, bright impressions and new discoveries await you.

Useful notes

What should a tourist do in Buffalo?

  • Take a stroll through the historic Allentown district, located in the eastern part of the city. It was founded in the middle of the XIX century. Here you can see beautiful small houses. They are made in a style that resembles Italian, but with characteristic features of local architecture. The red brick mansions are located on Allen Street. Especially noteworthy are the Tift Row Houses and the building of the Allendale (Theatre of Youth).
  • See the unique exhibits of the Museum of Science. It is located in a beautiful building constructed in the first half of the XX century. More than 700 thousand rare samples and artifacts are kept in it. There is also an exhibition of nanotechnology. For the youngest visitors, there is an interactive gallery called "Researches".
  • Visit the Albright–Knox Art Gallery. It is located in a magnificent neoclassical building, built at the very beginning of the XX century. It is home to one of the most important collections of modern art in the United States. It features works by famous masters of Surrealism, Impressionism, Cubism, and Pop Art. See the rare paintings by H. Matisse, A. Warhol, P. Picasso, J. Pollock, J. Miro.
  • Relax in luxury Delaware Park. One of the city's main parks is famous for its stunning views. It has beautiful Hoyt Lake, surrounded by walking and cycling trails. Outdoor enthusiasts will love the basketball, tennis, and golf courts. Check out the zoo, which is also located here... Every year, Delaware Park hosts the Shakespeare Open Festival.
  • Spend the day at the country Botanic Garden. Founded over a hundred years ago, it remains one of New York's most popular places to visit today. Here you can see incredibly beautiful collections of roses, orchids, epiphytes. Take a walk to the Florida Everglades Pavilion, the palm dome. Experience the tropical atmosphere of Panama's rainforest. The Botanical Garden, a beautiful Victorian-style building, deserves special attention. In total, it is home to more than 1,500 plant species from around the world.
  • Go for a fascinating shopping trip. Fans of exotic outfits should check out Sasmita Batik Indonesia. It sells clothes and jewelry in the Indonesian style. If you're looking for clothes from famous designers, don't miss Christian Fashion Boutique. Original souvenirs, clay products, jewelry, and luxury gemstones can be bought at Thin Ice.
  • Try local dishes. Be sure to order the Buffalo wings, which are believed to originate from Buffalo. These are deep-fried portions of wings that are served with spicy sauce. They go great with beer.

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