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The homeland of David Fincher, where cannabis is worshipped in the church

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Population of Denver

The city has just over 716 thousand inhabitants. Of which 76% are white, 9% are African Americans, 3% are Asian, and 12% are of other races.

A brief history

The history of Denver began in 1858. At first, it was a small mining town founded during the Colorado Gold Rush. People here traded cattle, and local workers rested in saloons for gambling. A year later, however, it was abandoned as precious metal reserves were exhausted.

In 1876, the state of Colorado, together with the capital in Denver, became part of the United States. The end of the XIX century was not the best time in the city's history. The local criminal authority, nicknamed "Soapy Smith", seized all the processes in Denver — he was in cooperation with the official authorities and police, controlled elections, gambling, and cheating.

In the early XX century, the city was the birthplace of juvenile courts and the world-famous cheeseburger. Before the Second World War, locals were engaged in mining and transportation of minerals, as well as the cultivation of cattle. By 1950, the city had begun to expand by settling in the suburbs and quickly became an important industrial center.

There was a plant near Denver producing plutonium for nuclear warheads. In 1957, due to fire and regular radiation leaks, some parts of the city were contaminated with plutonium-239. Research carried out later showed terrible results: the number of children with congenital disabilities increased, and cancer cases rose.

The decision to hold the Winter Olympics in Denver in 1976 was canceled because of the poor environmental situation and financial problems.

Despite its low reputation, the city continues to develop its tourism infrastructure and today attracts travelers with its modern skyscrapers and a large number of green parks.

Trip budget

Before the trip, you should calculate the approximate budget that you will require for the travel:


from 106 $/night


from 236 $/night


Start - 2.5 $, 1km - 1.55 $


0.68 $/liter

Average bill
in restaurant

65 $ for 2 person

The best time to visit Denver

The city's continental climate creates favorable and comfortable seasons for travel. Denver has 300 days of sunny weather a year. In the hottest month (July), the temperature rises to +23 °C. In winter, there are rare frosts. In general, the temperature does not reach -1 °C. March is considered to be the snowiest month.

The history and diverse cultural heritage of the city are marked by several events throughout the year, from the largest annual celebration of Cinco de Mayo (5 May) to the March PowWow. For example, the Velorama Colorado Festival is a kind of mix of cycling and music. It takes place in August and offers live performances of musicians and real cycling experience.

Useful notes

Anyone who has reached the age of 21 can enter the International Church of Cannabis. According to city law, the use of drugs in the state of Colorado is allowed only in special areas. The ritual smoking of marijuana in the church is by invitation only.

The best way to help the body easily adjust to the height of the city is to drink twice as much water.

In the thin air of Denver, golf balls fly much further. And the effect of cocktails increases many times. It is recommended to avoid alcoholic drinks in the mountains.

One of the pleasant bonuses of the city's height is that the effect of training and workouts is several times more intense.

What should a tourist do in Denver?

  • Marvel at the giant blue demonic horse statue, located right near the airport. The Blue Mustang sculpture was made of polychrome fiberglass and complemented with neon eyes. Its author is the widely recognized artist Luis Jiménez. He installed the glowing elements as a tribute to the neon shop where he had worked in his youth. Thanks to its sparkling eyes, the sculpture earned the nickname "Blucifer".
  • Visit the Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum. This large-scale aviation museum is housed in a former 1930s Air Force hangar. It houses collections of more than four dozen aircraft and spacecraft, including the X-Wing Star Wars fighter.
  • Take a trip from Denver to the mountains. Rocky Mountain National Park has several fantastic hiking and skiing trails.
  • Check out the Molly Brown House Museum. Its mistress is a brave party animal who became famous after she experienced the flooding of the legendary RMS Titanic in 1912. After her rescue, she called on the boat crew to return to the liner to rescue the remaining survivors. This museum is visited by 50,000 tourists every year.
  • Take a stroll around Denver Botanical Gardens. At any time of year, this beautiful park, with its tropical biosphere and a Japanese garden with a pool and water lilies, is ideal for a relaxing holiday or picnic.
  • Explore the Denver Art Museum. It regularly hosts new exhibitions. You can admire not only the art inside but also the unusual design of the building outside.
  • Visit one of the most unusual buildings in the world, the International Church of Cannabis. The building of the abandoned Lutheran Church in 2017 was chosen to worship a completely new religion — "Elevationism". The old exterior of the cult building contrasts strikingly with its brightly colored interior and neon rainbow paintings on the ceiling.
  • Enjoy the promenade in Denver's historic Larimer Square. Once home to the first bank, haberdashery, bookstore, and theatre, it retains its ancient charm to this day. Today it pleases people with its excellent restaurants and shops, where you can have a delicious dinner and buy unique souvenirs.
  • Try the unusual local delicacy of Rocky Mountain Oysters (roasted bull testicles).

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