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Kansas City

Kansas City is located in the central part of the USA, in the state of Kansas, along the banks of the Missouri River. Across the river is another Kansas City, which belongs to the state of Missouri. They are distinguished by the abbreviation. The city in Kansas is abbreviated KCK, and its neighbor — KCMO. There is no border between the states, and you can easily get from one city to another. Kansas City is famous for its boulevards and fountains. They say the city surpass the capital of France in the number of boulevards. And in the number of fountains, it lags only the Eternal City on seven hills. That is why you should have a walk around the city, admiring its beauty and atmosphere. The city has several interesting museums and monuments. You can go to the zoo or LEGOLAND Discovery Center Kansas City with children. In the evening, you may visit a concert in the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.

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