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Discover Las Vegas
The city of one arm bandits where dreams come true
Las Vegas is a city that needs no introductions

Districts of Las Vegas

Few people know that casinos are located not in Las Vegas but in the neighboring town called Paradise. However, this division is symbolic, and this small town became the central district of Las Vegas a long time ago. It gathers everything you can come for in the heard of the desert: casinos, concert halls, hotels, and other entertainments.

All the districts that are located out of the central part are called Downtown. They can be dangerous for tourists as robbing frequently happens there. The local guides do not recommend staying in Downtown, even if your budget is limited. One should better choose a cheap room in a hostel but within the limits of the central part that is guarded by the police.

Map Las Vegas

The population of Las Vegas

Las Vegas takes 28th place in the USA in the size of the population. Over 60% of the locals are white Americans, 25% are Latin-Americans, 13% — Afro-Americans, and less than 1% are the Indians. The local citizens are friendly, just like the majority of Americans. However, you should keep in mind that they treat tourists like people who come here to spend a lot of money. Therefore, keep your eyes and ears open and don’t trust the first comer. According to statistics, one in two employees in casinos are pickpockets.

A brief history of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is located in the west of the United States, in the state of Nevada. It is the administrative center of Clark County. The Mojave Desert spreads all around the territory of the city. Thus, when you approach your destination point, you admire the beautiful landscapes of a desert. A trading caravan that headed to Los Angeles settled down here in 1829. They pitched a small camp and, by sheer luck, managed to find an oasis with water. This finding gave the name to the city as it translates as “the Meadows”. 

The rapid development of the region started in 1844. The 15th of May 1905 is considered to be the official date of Las Vegas’ foundation. There used to be railway roads going through this land, a station for reloading trains, and in the desert, people used to test the nuclear weapon. There was only one hotel in the city where all the travelers could try their luck in a casino.

Everything changed in 1931 when Nevada became the first state where gambling was legalized. It was made to increase the flow of money into the treasury and the population. The local authorities turned out absolutely right.

After World War II, Las Vegas started to attract tourists with an extraordinary spectacle — so-called “nuclear mushrooms”. A ground for testing nuclear weapons was situated only 100 kilometers from the city. People could see the explosions right from the windows of their houses and hotels. Nowadays, the explosions are over. However, there are tourist tours to the testing area, and they are quite popular. 

Nowadays, Nevada is included in the list of the top largest and wealthiest states in America. In Las Vegas, money flow like water.

Trip budget

Before the trip, you should calculate the approximate budget that you will require for the travel:


from 84 $/night


from 197 $/night


Start - 3.5 $, 1km - 1.71 $


0.84 $/liter

Average bill
in restaurant

60 $ for 2 person

The best time to visit Las Vegas

As Las Vegas is located in a desert, rains and frosts are quite rare here. The city is exposed to high temperature all-year-round. A period from June to August is the hottest. The stem of the thermometer during these months can reach +47 °С. The majority of precipitations are in winter. The air temperature decreases below +12 °С. We can definitely say that Las Vegas is an all-season resort where you can come anytime you want.

Useful notes

You will need an American visa to come to the United States. When you have a meeting with a council, don’t boast of having lots of friends in America or speak good English. You should better say that you have mediocre English and just want to come to Las Vegas and try your luck. In 90% of cases, the councils approve.

Las Vegas is an expensive city. If you want to save some money on dwelling, check-in a hotel from Sunday to Thursday. In this period, the prices are 50% cheaper.

Want to have a wedding? These ceremonies are held in the Little White Wedding Chapel or Chapel of the Flowers. You will just need your passports and a Marriage License that costs $60 to get married.

America is famous for its strict laws. Only people over 21 years old are allowed to enter the casino and drink alcohol. Therefore, you always have your passport.

Free breakfasts are not typical in hotels here. However, you can purchase a “special deal” pass to all the buffet services in particular hotels and restaurants. It costs $50 and is active for 24 hours.

Do you want to have a free drink? Come to a casino and don’t forget to call a waitress. But you should tip here if you want to have some strong drinks. They prefer getting chips, and even a one-dollar chip is enough.

What should a tourist do in Las Vegas?

  • Wander around Las Vegas’ streets. All the fun begins when darkness falls. Daytime is an excellent chance to get a better look at decorations, finery, and feel the movie mood of the city.
  • Get to the highest point. The observation deck of the Stratosphere Hotel offers a picturesque view of the city. Las Vegas looks tiny from the bird’s-eye view, especially on the background of the desert that surrounds it.
  • Feel like a thrill-seeker on the roof of the Stratosphere Tower. Here you shall find four attractions that can provide you with an adrenaline rush for the following couple of years. X-Scream, Insanity the Ride, The Big Shot, and Sky Jump are waiting for their heroes.
  • Make your childhood dream come true and eat as much as you want sweets and drink soda. In Coca Cola and M&M’s stores, you can try all forbidden sweets for free and buy various souvenirs — from cups to T-shirts and gift sets.
  • Leave the city and visit Grand Canyon — one of the deepest canyons in the world and the most incredible geological phenomenon. It is on the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites.
  • Fling yourself into the nightlife of the city. In addition to numerous casinos, Las Vegas offers its tourists a diverse show-program with both free and paid concerts. You can’t go by branded cocktail bars, magicians, and, of course, numerous musicals.
  • Get married in one of the local churches. They say that “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. If you are a fan of extraordinary jinks, what stops you from throwing a wedding where Elvis Presley is the best man? You can get a divorce the next day.

Hotels in Las Vegas

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