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Los Angeles is the city where the sun shines 329 days per year

Districts of Los Angeles

There are more than 80 districts in Los Angeles. Each of them used to be a small town or a settlement. Today, all of them are included in LA’s neighborhoods. The most popular ones include East and South Los Angeles, Hollywood, Westside, Beverly Hills, Santa Monika, Griffith park, Malibu, Chinatown, and many others. The unique feature of Los Angeles is that it does not have a city center. Downtown is considered to be a so-called center with a couple of skyscrapers. However, this district is not the best place for living or staying due to the abundance of homeless people.

Map Los Angeles

The population of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the most international city in the USA. All nations of the world live here, and you can hear all the existing languages. Commonly, immigrants from one country group together and dwell in one district. Therefore, Chinese, Mexican, or Russian neighborhoods are typical rather than exceptional. Angelenos (that’s how the locals call themselves) got used to a calm and regular lifestyle. They are never in s hurry but always in good spirits. Angelenos love surfing, stick to healthy diets, and don’t smoke.

A brief history of Los Angeles

Officially, the city was founded in 1781 and had been a part of Mexico. However, Los Angeles received the status of the American city only in 1850 when it went over to the USA as it was a winner in the American-Mexican War of 1848.

Europeans noticed the first settlers on the territory of modern Los Angeles back in the XVI century. In that time, the Spanish conquistadors were exploring the northwest coast of Mexico and met with the native citizens, Tongva and Chumash tribes. There were about 3000 hundred of the Indians and only 46 of colonizers. The exploration of the territory was unhurried. Only at the end of the XVIII century, the Spanish settlement reached the number of 650 people.

However, when a railway appeared here in 1876, it caused a significant growth of trading. As a result, the city started to change. By the end of the XIX century, it had already grown to 100 thousand citizens. Several factors triggered the successful development of Los Angeles. First of all, it was agriculture (planting oranges). Second of all, it was the mineral oil that was discovered had been discovered here in 1892. As a result, the local oil production compiled one-fourth of the world volume.

Fresh water had always been the main problem for Los Angeles. It was successfully solved in 1913 with the help of building an aqueduct. Since then, the population has never stopped growing. Moreover, when the film industry appeared in the 1920s, the city gained even more popularity. And in 1932, Los Angeles hosted the X Summer Olympics.

Landing forces did not intrude in LA during World War II. The town did not suffer from a single bombing! However, the war crept up closer on September 23, 1942, when the Japanese submarines attacked quays in Santa Barbara near the Ellwood Railway Station (120 km from Los Angeles). The US Command group waited for the full-scale attack. However, the Japanese did not break into the city.

In general, World War II boosted the rapid development of Los Angeles. Back in those years, they used to produce military equipment, munitions, airplanes, and ships here. Millions of Americans came to find employment at defense plants. Besides, genius scientists, talented artists, writers, and actors immigrated to LA.

Starting from the 1950s, the development of information technology and the production of rockets began to receive generous financing. Walt Disney opened the first Disneyland in the world in 1955 in Anaheim (one of the districts in Los Angeles).

A program for the enhancement of public transport, including the creation of the metro, was developed in Los Angeles in 1970. It was necessary to reduce the level of environmental pollution.

The riots caused by racial cleavages set Los Angeles in turmoil in 1992. These events happened after four white policemen had beaten an Afro-American named Rodney King. The court justified the policemen, and its decision caused a mass riot with disturbances and forays. As a result, 53 people died. Damage to the city was estimated at one billion dollars.

Modern Los Angeles is the second city in the USA in population and economic development. The city continues to grow not only owing to the film industry but also with the help of Gentrification and IT.

Trip budget

Before the trip, you should calculate the approximate budget that you will require for the travel:

The best time to visit Los Angeles

The weather is always good in the City of Angels. It doesn’t have any rainy season, and the sun shines almost all year round. This city has a perfect location. It is always ready to greet new guests and travelers. Do you feel like sunbathing on a beach during the day, and skiing in the mountains in the evening? Come to LA! And don’t forget to take a couple of surfing lessons and catch your first wave. Los Angele is a real paradise for surfers from all over the world.

Useful notes

What should a tourist do in Los Angeles?

  • See skyscrapers in the center of LA. When you go to Downtown and City West, you can not only see the towers but also visit the oldest part of the city, Los Angeles Historic District.
  • Attend the Walt Disney Concert Hall. It was built in 2003 and is the domestic scene for the orchestra of Los Angeles Philharmonic. The building itself has a unique design of Frank Gehry. It consists of incurved metal panels glittering in the sun.
  • Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art called “The Broad”. It comprises more than 200 exhibits and is the largest in the world.
  • Walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Head to Hollywood, find the famous sidewalk, and look for your favorite stars. Don’t forget to take a picture!
  • Take a selfie next to the “Hollywood” sign and climb the famous Hollywood hill.
  • Visit Universal Studios. You will have a chance to attend the movie sets of such films as “Fast and Furious”, “Minions”, “Transformers”, “King Kong”, “Jurassic Park”.
  • Head to West Hollywood to walk down the boulevard of Santa Monika. See how immigrants from the USSR live in the United States. The majority of the Russian-speaking citizens live here.
  • Visit Beverly Hills. Drop by some shops and take a picture in Rodeo Drive, next to the hotel called “Beverly Wilshire”. That’s where the “Pretty Woman” was filmed.
  • Go to Disneyland. A city called Anaheim is located 45 km south of Greater Los Angeles. That’s where you can find the largest amusement park and meet Mickey Mouse.
  • Stroll down the pier in Santa Monica. Sunbathe and watch the sunset at one of the most legendary beaches in the world. And take a photo next to the sign where the famous Route 66 ends.
  • Go to Venice Beach. Walk along the ocean up the famous (from the Hollywood movies) street called Ocean Front Walk. Take a photograph at the athletic field “Venice Muscle Beach” of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Hotels in Los Angeles

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