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Miami Beach has a population of about 92,000 people. The total average age of the local population is 42.4 years (41.5 years for men and 43.4 years for women). There are 110.6 men for every 100 women. The city is home to 0.22% Native Americans, 75.19% White Americans, 4.11% African Americans, 1.66% Asian, 0.15% Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders, and 18.69% people of other races.


The founders of Miami Beach are John Collins and Carl Fisher. Business people from the north-east of the United States saw in the small southern town a great potential to become a world-class resort. They came to Miami Beach at the end of the XIX century to buy a coconut plantation there and start looking for freshwater.

Much of the city changed with the construction of the first wooden Collins bridge in 1913, connecting Miami and Miami Beach. At the time, it was the longest wooden bridge in the world, as well as an important road to provide the urban development project with all the necessary resources. 

Collins sold the land and invested the revenue in the sand and washing up the island. That's how more territory for sale appeared. At this time, Carl Fisher organized a major hotel construction. Hotels and restaurants for the wealthy began to appear in Miami Beach. 

In the 1930s, the city became the winter residence of many mafia members from New York and Chicago, including the famous Al Capone. 

In the 80s, South Beach was a terrible place. Tourists did not show up south of 41st Street at all. Rats were running everywhere, and half the houses were abandoned. 

Things started to change in the 90s. The money gained from selling drugs began to be reinvested in construction. In 20 years, Miami Beach experienced a real rebuilding boom. Whole streets of skyscrapers with magnificent ocean views grew up here. Another factor in the development was the appearance of famous models and actors from around the world in the city. 

Today, Miami Beach remains the most popular resort for rich and famous people.

The best time to visit Miami Beach

Winter and spring are considered to be the best time for the holidays. In December, January, and February, the weather is comfortable, and rainfall is rare. On the beaches, the temperature of water and air is approximately the same — about +24-25 °C.

In March and April, there are fewer people on the beaches, and in May, the off-season begins. The average temperature in spring ranges from +25-28°C. In mid-May, you can visit the Orchid Festival, which is held in Miami. It is considered to be one of the brightest events in the city. The festival is attended by florists from more than 60 countries.

Summers in Miami Beach are quite hot and humid, with the risk of frequent but short rains. In addition, during the summer, prices for hotels and other services are increasing rapidly. On July 4, you can observe a large-scale celebration of Independence Day in the city. A few days before this event, locals decorate the streets with colorful ribbons and balloons of white, blue, and red.

The weather in autumn will also be warm. But during this time, the tourist season is declining due to possible hurricanes, which often form in the Gulf of Mexico.

You can find some kind of festival, celebration, or carnival in Miami Beach almost any time you stay here. Locals love to have fun and do not deny themselves this pleasure.

Useful notes

The best way to get around in Miami Beach is by bike. At Decobike Street Rental Stations, you can easily rent it for an hour or a day. Public transportation is also available 24 hours a day. The schedule is clear, and you can always check online when the next bus arrives. But parking lots and car rentals are quite expensive.

The cashless payment system is so common in Miami Beach that you can pay for almost anything with a card. Cash is useful for those who plan to visit markets, shops, and restaurants away from the city center.

Do not rent a place near Ocean Drive unless you are a fan of nightlife. You won't be able to sleep well as the partying continues until the morning.

Despite the fact that the national language is English, most locals speak excellent Spanish.

It is best to call a taxi by phone and negotiate in advance about the cost. You can pay with a card in almost all taxis. Drivers usually leave a tip of about 15% of the trip.

When relaxing on the beach, it is important to remember to follow the basic rules. First of all, you should not take off any part of your swimsuit if the beach is not nudist. Second of all, you should not drink alcohol as it is forbidden here. And third of all, make sure you don't leave garbage after yourself.

Do not be surprised if you get a kiss on the cheek, even from a stranger. In Miami Beach, it's a common greeting that's even more common than a handshake.

What should a tourist do in Miami Beach

  • Spend all day at one of the famous beaches. After all, coming to Miami Beach and not being there is the same as going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower. Pure sand, blue water, hot sun, and plenty of entertainment are exactly what makes this resort a pilgrimage destination for many tourists. For lovers of a more spicy holiday, there is the only legal nudist beach in town — Haulover.
  • Walk around the Art Deco Historic District. In 1979, it was officially included in the National Register of Historic Sites as the world's most extensive collection of architecture in this style. There are unusual buildings with the most bizarre shapes and colors.
  • Dive into the nightlife of the city in Ocean Drive, the most hilarious neighborhood. There's music playing all the time, cocktails flow like water, and endless amounts of money being spent. This is where Gianni Versace lived and died. Tourists don't miss the opportunity to see the house where the famous fashion designer was killed.
  • Visit Miami Auto Museum at The Dezer Collection. This is a real treasure for car enthusiasts and more. Here you will find a collection of 1200 vintage classic cars, as well as motorcycles, boats, and bikes. The museum features exhibits from Hollywood movies, such as the James Bond collection of vehicles and props.
  • Take a photo near one of the colored lifeguard towers on the beach. If you want, you can pose with a beautiful lifeguard.
  • Go to Texas and Brazil at the same time. In the restaurant Texas de Brazil, you will be endlessly treated to meat roasted on a spit for a fixed fee. Spices and side dishes are at the customer's discretion. If you don't like meat, there are more than 60 kinds of salads on the menu. It is best to enjoy vegetables with a fresh caipirinha, and there is a wine list for meat dishes.
  • Conquer the waves of the Atlantic. Miami Beach is perfect even for novice surfers — waves here are quite safe and rarely reach frightening sizes. It is better to use the help of an instructor if you have no experience.
  • Take a ride to "big" Miami. It is impossible to leave the metropolis nearby without attention while holidaying on the coast. The modern city will spin your head with its enormous skyscrapers, bright nighttime lights, and entertainment for every taste.

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