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Miami is the most renowned resort, and millions of tourists from all over the world come on vacation here

Districts of Miami

The city itself is divided into hundreds of districts. That’s why it’s generally accepted to divide Miami into Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western parts.  Downtown is located in the Central part of Miami though geographically, it’s located in the east. It includes such districts as Virginia Key, Brickell, PortMiami, and Watson Island. Downtown has the highest concentration of financial establishments and banks, not only in Florida but in the USA. 

The Southern part is considered to be the historic residential district. Mainly immigrants live in the Western part of Miami. The Northern region is famous for its high concentration of the most expensive houses and neighborhoods in the city.

Renowned Miami Beach is situated on the sand bar, in the east of the Central part.

Map Miami

Population of Miami

The Cubans and Latin-Americans compile 70% of the local people in Miami. After Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba, the partnership between two countries broke up, and many local Cubans settled down in Miami. Immigrants of other Latin-American countries soon followed them. In general, local citizens are extremely friendly and are always ready to help a tourist.

A brief history of Miami

You will be amazed, but Miami is quite a young town, even by US standards. Only in 1896, 400 people voted to give it the status of a city. It’s fascinating that a woman initiated this event. Julia Tuttle was also the owner of the most extensive citrus plantations in the USA at that point. However, she didn’t participate in voting as only men had a right to vote back in those days.

The status of the city persuaded Henry Flagler, the railway magnate, to extend his Florida East Coast Railway to Miami. As soon as the first train came here, the rapid growth of the city began. Miami has always differed from other cities in the USA. It was the first city where the National Prohibition Act was canceled, and gambling became legal. They laid a foundation for mass immigration of the Latin-Americans after the co-operation with the Republic of Cuba was stopped.

There are several versions of the city’s name origin. Some people are sure that the town was called after the Indian tribe of Mayaimi that lived in the suburbs. Other research tends to believe that the title originates from the name of the Miami River. It stands for “sweet water” from the language of the Tequesta Native American tribe. 

The history of Miami had many controversial points. Its lands were attacked by severe hurricanes and survived riots. Nevertheless, the city has not lost its unique spirit and atmosphere of love to life in all its forms.

Trip budget

Before the trip, you should calculate the approximate budget that you will require for the travel:

The best time to visit Miami

The climate in Miami is exceptionally mind and warm. In general, you can come here all year round. However, you should know that the city is exposed to heavy pounding rains from July to September. Hurricanes also occur quite frequently. The Americans come to Miami in the period of the Christmas holidays. That’s when the weather here is the most comfortable. Travelers can sunbathe and enjoy their vacations.

Useful notes

What should a tourist do in Miami?

  • Lay on South Beach, enjoy the ocean, and watch how the professional surfers catch waves. If you have the nerve, you should definitely take a couple of surfing lessons.
  • Get acquainted with the tendencies in modern design in decor and architecture during your visit to the Art Deco Historic District.
  • Drop by Miami Beach and take a picture with some celebrities. Many of them choose this place to relax after a jam-packed touring schedule.
  • Travel in time and visit the epoch of Fidel Castro in Little Havana district. If you want to purchase real Cuban cigars and enjoy the tunes of the Latin-American music, that’s the right place to do this.
  • Do sports at one of the athletic fields overlooking the ocean.
  • Attend a carnival if you happen to be in Miami at the beginning of March. Beauty contests, jazz festivals, culinary workshops - this city is a real expert in a high-quality recreation.

Hotels in Miami

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