Discover Orlando
The city of Disney World, theme parks, and Space Center
Orlando is the world capital of entertainment, the city of theme parks, one of the sunniest resorts on the planet

Districts of Orlando

The city consists of 115 districts, which are included in six counties. It is impossible to distinguish the most exciting areas for tourists. Each of them offers lovely places for travelers.

Map Orlando


According to the data of 2016, almost 300 thousand people lived in the city. More than half of the city residents are white, about 28% are African-Americans, and nearly 4% are Asians. One of the largest Puerto Rican diasporas in the United States lives here.

Brief history

In 1838, Fort Gatlin was erected on the territory adjoining the modern city. The fortification was used to protect against Indian raids. Gradually, the Jernigan settlement grew around the fort, named after one of the first residents, Aaron Jernigan.

But already in 1857, the city was renamed to Orlando. There are two versions of the name's origin. According to one of them, the town was named after Orlando Reeves, a U.S. Army soldier who died during the Second Seminole War with the Seminole Indian tribes. This version had been considered to be official until the second half of the XX century until historians stated that the lists of soldiers of that war did not include Orlando Reeves.

The second version of the city name is associated with Orlando Savage Rees. Historical archives indicate that he was a major slaveholder, a sugar cane planter. It was Orland Savage Reese who formulated the Seminole Peace Treaty. It is interesting that his descendants have been trying for years to prove a connection between the name of the city and their ancestor.

At the end of the XIX century, a railroad was built in Orlando. This was the beginning of the active development of the city, which continued in the XX century.

The establishment of Orlando as the center of the world entertainment industry falls in the 1960s. A huge Disneyland and dozens of other theme parks appeared here.

Orlando is called the city of eternal celebration, a place of incredible entertainment and unforgettable holidays, which will remain in the memory of every tourist.

Trip budget

Before the trip, you should calculate the approximate budget that you will require for the travel:


from 92 $/night


from 218 $/night


Start - 2.67 $, 1km - 1.71 $


0.66 $/liter

Average bill
in restaurant

50 $ for 2 person

The best time to visit Orlando

The city has a humid subtropical climate consisting of two seasons: rainy and hot (June - September), dry, and warm (October - May). The average temperature in winter is +15 ºС — +18 ºС. In summer, the air heats up to +26 ºС — +30 ºС. It's best to come on holiday in the dry period from October to May, but Orlando's streets are also filled with tourists in the rest of the months.

Fans of Harry Potter come to town every year in the second half of January for the Celebration of Harry Potter. Festival's participants can try on costumes of famous fairy tale characters, learn magical spells and fully dive into the atmosphere of the magical world.

The city hosts a gourmet holiday, Seven Seas Food, from February to April. The festival introduces guests to street food from many countries of the world. Beer lovers especially like it as they have a chance to enjoy tasting the foamy drink of breweries from 70 countries.

Useful notes

There are many companies in the city that specialize in car rental services. This type of service is very convenient because the places that are popular with tourists are located in quite a vast area. But you should know that the city frequently suffers from traffic jams in the afternoon, especially on Friday and Saturday.

Public transport in the city is represented by buses and trolleybuses. Rides in Lymmo buses are free, but they only run on specific routes in the city center. Tickets on Lynx buses cost $2. The same ticket price is for a trolleybus that runs in the area of the major attractions.

If you want to save on accommodation, choose hostels and one- or two-star hotels. You can stay there for $74. Spending a night is a three-star hotel start from $153, four-star hotels — $317, in "suites" — $340.

There are many catering establishments in the city, the prices of which differ significantly. Thus, a McDonald's Big Mac will cost you about $7, lunch in an inexpensive cafe for one is approximately $14, a dinner for two with alcohol in a respectable restaurant starts from $50.

What should a tourist do in Orlando?

  • Spend one day in the fabulous Walt Disney World Park. The territory of over 100 sq km offers 60 incredibly exciting attractions for guests. Thematic zones provide an opportunity to dive into the atmosphere of childhood and fairy tale magic — "Cinderella Palace", "Land of the Future", "House on 600 branches of trees," and many others. Two enormous water parks are waiting for water amusement lovers. You can satisfy hunger after an active leisure time in one of the many cafes located in the Walt Disney World.
  • Dive into the world of cinema in the "Universal Studio" park. A huge theme park is dedicated to the world of filmmaking. It is divided into six thematic zones, each of which offers fantastic rides and shows. Here you can meet the Terminator, vampires, and mummies, feel like a survivor of the post-apocalypse or a hero of intergalactic journeys. Do you want to be the main character in the film? In "Universal Studio" park, you can star in some movie and get a CD with a picture as a keepsake.
  • Take a fascinating journey to Harry Potter World. This Mecca for fans of the boy who lived spreads out on the territory of 8 hectares. The park was opened not so long ago, and the latest technologies were used to create it. Harry Potter's World was established by the creators of film epic with the active participation of the author of novels, Joanne Rowling. Make sure you try the famous butterbeer and pumpkin juice and don't miss the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And don't forget to drop by the Ollivanders to purchase a magic wand as a souvenir.
  • Get to know the life of wild animals at the Disney Animal Kingdom. In Animal Kingdom Park, animals live in conditions that are as close as possible to their usual habitat. More than 2000 species from all over the planet live on 500 acres. Visitors can not only see the exotic representatives of the fauna but can also go down the river on a raft, feel like a tracker on animal trails, admire the geysers.
  • Arrange an extreme excursion to the Gatorland Alligator Park. One of the largest crocodile parks is home to about a thousand predators. Many of them are frighteningly large and belong to rare species of reptiles, such as the unique alligator-albinos, which are almost never found in the wild. Crocodiles are kept in enclosures and feel entirely free. There is also a beautiful lake in the park, where birds of the rarest species live.
  • Give in to fascinating water amusements at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park. It illustrates the terrible disaster that struck the azure lagoon in the tropics. Visitors are delighted by the huge pool with waves higher than 2 m, rafting on mountain rivers, numerous canyons. Extreme lovers do not miss the opportunity to swim in the attraction called "Shark Reef", where tiger sharks live.
  • Visit the fantastic Kennedy Space Center. The Huge Space Center is divided into thematic zones, each dedicated to a specific stage of space exploration. Here you can see the legendary Apollo capsule, which brought astronauts to the moon and back, launch pads, the process of assembling rockets. The Flight Control Center is of particular interest to tourists, where they can communicate with the director of the spacecraft launch.
  • Get acquainted with the remarkable exhibits of the Art Museum. There are thematic expositions, which contain not only artistic canvases but also folk art objects. Unique displays introduce visitors to African art, works of ancient people, and contemporary art. The museum also occasionally hosts temporary exhibitions of art objects from collections of many countries.
  • Admire the achievements in the Scientific Center of the city. The museum is one of the most famous in the world, introducing the ecosystem of Florida, revealing incredible facts about many branches of science. Don't miss the chance to see a huge telescope in the observatory, feel like a meteorologist at the Severe Weather Center, or pilot the newest battle-plane on a simulator.
  • Admire the exhibits of the fantastic "Ripley's Believe It or Not!" museum. It is one of the most unusual museums in the world that owes its appearance to journalist Robert Ripley. He is the one who collected bizarre items all over the world: a mermaid's skeleton, a swimsuit made of human hair, a fluffy fish, and many others.
  • Try the local cuisine. In the city of entertainments, cafes, bars, and restaurants can be met at every corner. Fast food establishments are especially popular among tourists. But if you want a taste of Orlando, order a lobster with butter on a grill, golden fried shrimps or chicken wings with a spicy sauce. Make sure you try the local cocktails, which are famous for their great variety of flavors.

Hotels in Orlando

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