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According to the 2018 data, the population of San Antonio is just over 1.5 million. In terms of ethnic composition, about 72.6% of the population is white, 6.9% is African-American, 2.4% comes from Asia, and 0.9% is indigenous peoples of the United States and Alaska. Another study shows that approximately 63.2% of the San Antonio population is of Latin American descent. Analysis of religious beliefs shows that 80% of the city's residents consider themselves Christians, 32% of whom are Catholic.

A brief history

The first Indian tribe to settle in the San Antonio River valley was the Payaya. This area was then called Yanaguana (translated as "refreshing waters"). On June 13, 1691, a group of Spanish missionaries came here and came across the settlement. As on this day, they commemorate St. Anthony of Padua, the researchers called the river and the area around it San Antonio.

In 1716, a mission was sent to the river valley to establish a Spanish settlement. The construction of the fortress began, which was completed in 1718. In the following years, settlers from the Canary Islands and other Spanish colonies arrived here.

San Antonio developed and grew rapidly and soon became the largest Spanish settlement in Texas. In the years that followed, the city experienced several wars. And in 1845, when the U.S. announced the inclusion of Texas, the American-Mexican war began. The welfare of San Antonio was shaken, and in 1860, there was a civil war.

After the war, San Antonio became a center of animal breeding. In 1877, the first railroad was built here, which was the beginning of unity with American society.

Since the end of the XX century, there has been active population growth. In 35 years alone, the population doubled. The area of San Antonio was also increasing — the city was developing at a rapid pace.

Trip budget

Before the trip, you should calculate the approximate budget that you will require for the travel:

The best time to visit San Antonio

San Antonio is characterized by a humid subtropical climate with a transition to a hot steppe one. As a result, it has a long hot summer with an increase in daytime temperature to +40 ° C. During this period, it is not recommended to go to San Antonio, as it is practically impossible to walk in the city during the day. The best time for a trip is spring when the air temperature is about +20 °С. Good weather also remains in autumn, especially in September and October. Winter in San Antonio is considered to be rather warm, air temperature is within +10 °С, sometimes rising up to +15 °С. However, at this time, it often rains in the city. The end of April is an ideal time for a trip to San Antonio, especially if you want to get to the fiesta. It is the largest fiesta in Texas, a multicultural festival that lasts ten days and offers a variety of entertainment for the whole family.

San Antonio attracts rodeo and country music lovers in early February and hosts a folklore festival in the second week of June.

Useful notes

What should a tourist do in San Antonio?

  • Visit the Alamo Mission. It is one of the most popular and significant sights in the city, which is closely linked to history and local culture. It was founded in the XVIII century during the Spanish mission and has experienced many military battles. Today, there is a museum with a unique exhibition, as well as a cozy garden for walks and recreation.
  • Take a tour of the Catholic missions. There are five of them in San Antonio, along with the Alamo. Each is unique in its own way and worth the attention of travelers, and together they form a large historical complex. During the tour, you can see the temple, ancient fortifications, visit the museum, and just walk around the territory.
  • Go to the river promenade. River Walk or Paseo del Rio is a beautiful urban park with a network of paths along the San Antonio River. Picturesque nature, well-maintained recreational areas, numerous shops, and restaurants — there is everything for your comfort. If you are tired of walking, you can buy a barge ticket and take a walk on the river accompanied by a professional guide.
  • Visit famous temples. San Fernando Cathedral is the oldest in Texas and is on the National Register of Historic Monuments. Saint Joseph Church is a Catholic temple that resembles castles from Grimm's fairy tales. Numerous churches complete the list. They are built outside the downtown and tell more about the history of Texas.
  • Arrange a museum day. San Antonio offers travelers a huge choice and knows how to surprise even experienced tourists. Museums of Art, Aviation, Texas Rangers, Hot Glass (with master classes), Children's Museum are just some of the interesting exhibits you can visit in the city.
  • See the Fairmount Hotel. San Antonio has many hotels to suit every taste, but the Fairmount is a unique place. It is the only hotel in the city that is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Its opening took place in 1906, and already in 1985, the building literally "moved" to another place. According to the authorities, the hotel hindered the improvement of the city's infrastructure, so it was moved three blocks away. The Fairmount was the heaviest building that could ever be moved entirely.
  • Spend the day at the zoo. Beautiful, well-groomed territory, more than 3500 thousand animals, and more than 750 of the represented species will give a lot of pleasure to both children and adults. There is also an aquarium, which gathers a large number of inhabitants of the underwater world.
  • Try the chili. America is the home of this spicy dish. It was first presented in 1893 as part of the world gastronomic exhibition, which was held in Chicago. Today, chili is served in most restaurants in San Antonio and is considered to be one of the city's trademarks.

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