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Majestic Washington or the District of Columbia was named after the legendary Christopher Columbus

Quadrants of Washington

According to the administrative division, Washington consists of geographical quadrants: Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest. The marble sign of a compass is laid on the floor in one of the rooms in the Capitol. This compass is the center of the city. Northwest is the largest quadrant while Northwest is the smallest one.

The address in Washington includes a name of a street, a number of a house, and the abbreviation of the quadrant. The counting begins from the Capitol. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW is the most renowned address. It’s not hard to guess that it belongs to the White House.

Map Washington

Population of Washington

More than 600 thousand people live in Washington. That’s the population during the weekend. On weekdays, another 400 thousand people come to Washington for work. And the capital turns into a million-plus city.

The Native Americans inhabited the lands of Washington 4000 years ago. The first Europeans came here in the XVII century and sidelines the Indian settlement. Many Aframericans have been living here since the foundation of the American capital. Nowadays, little more than half of the citizens in Washington are Aframericans (50,7%), the white Americans conclude 38,5% of the population. Only 0,3% Native Americans who used to live here before the colonizers remain here today. The ethnical diversity is also enriched by Latin Americans (9,1%), Asians (3.5%), and other nationalities (7%).

A brief history

The city proudly bears the name of the first president of the United States George Washington. It was founded in 1791 when the Congress provided land for the capital at the interface of two states, Maryland and Virginia. A year after that, in 1792, they laid the first stone in the foundation of the president’s residence. Later, it received its legendary, worldwide known name of the White House. 

The government of the country based in Washington in 1800. The city was under the protectorate of the USA Congress. It became not only the capital but also the main political center of the country. 

Washington was significantly harmed during the war between the United States and the United Kingdom in 1814. The Capitol, Treasury, and White House burnt practically to the ground. The majority of the governmental buildings were renovated at once. But the Capitol that had been still in the process of construction, was finished in the modern look only in 1868.

The Aframerican population headed to the city in 1862 in search of liberty and equal rights. It was the result of the prohibition of slavery. However, another 100 years must go by until people here officially got rid of racial discrimination.

In 1878, the territorial act was passed. According to it, the borders of Washington and the District of Columbia were equalized. It formed the outlines of the modern capital, united Washington, Alexandria, and Georgetown. But the name Washington has already come into general use that citizens and tourists still use it even though the official name of the American capital is the District of Columbia. Americans usually add D.C. or say Washington, D.C. not to mix it up with the homonymous state.

Trip budget

Before the trip, you should calculate the approximate budget that you will require for the travel:

The best time to visit Washington

Officially, the tourist season lasts from April to September. However, in summer months, especially in July, it’s quite hot. The stem of a thermometer can reach +30 °C. The middle of spring is a perfect time for visiting Washington! This period offers a new beautiful and fragrant attraction. It’s the National Cherry Blossom Festival. During this season, the weather is comfortable and you can enjoy the significant places of the city to the full. Stunning pictures on the background of the trees in bloom will become a pleasant bonus. Autumn is also an excellent period for traveling to Washington. However, you should be ready for frequent rains.

Useful notes

What should a tourist do in Washington?

  • Admire a real pride of the capital, the National Mall. The main attractions of the American capital are concentrated here. It includes the White House, the official “home” of all the presidents of the USA; the Jefferson Memorial on which wall you can see the eternalized part of the Declaration of Independence; the Capitol as the headquarters of the USA Congress; the Lincoln Memorial - the magnificent construction with 36 columns and a huge statue of Lincoln made in the style of the ancient Greek temple.
  • Read a book in the Library of Congress. Its tireless librarians collected over 34.5 million of various copies. You can access the largest archives in the world with a unique collection of volumes absolutely for free.
  • Explore the United States Botanic Garden that was founded in the middle of the XIX century. Nowadays, the collection of the Botanic Garden comprises around 60 thousand plants. Some of them are over 170 years old.
  • Visit the museums which belong to the Smithsonian Institution. This amazing complex includes the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, National Museum of Natural History, National Gallery of Art, Newseum, National Museum of the American Indian, and many others. That’s the place where they filmed the movie “Night at the Museum”. Attendance is free.
  • Feel like a pilot at the National Air and Space Museum. It displays the largest collection of historical airplanes and space vehicles in the world. Besides, you will have a chance to watch a 3D show in the Hubble Space Telescope.
  • See Washington National Cathedral that amazes with its exquisiteness. It is built in the Gothic style and gained real fame with the help of its stained-glass windows, mysterious gargoyles, and a stunning garden. It is remarkable that the cathedral doesn’t belong to any particular denomination and is ready to open its doors to all the believers.
  • Relax and respire in the wonderful Rock Creek Park. You can throw a picnic or just ride a bicycle, enjoying one of the most beautiful parks of the District Columbia.
  • Enjoy a walk in Potomac Park called after the homonymous river, the main artery of the city. Here you can ride a boat or a kayak.
  • Head to the elite district of Georgetown in search of vibrant life. Here you can admire charming views, rent a bicycle or enjoy mind-blowing shopping experience.
  • Attend the National Zoo with the representatives of the fauna that no longer live in the wild.

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