Parque del Este

Parque del Este is located in Caracas and was created in 1961. The project was developed by the artist and architect named Roberto Burle Marx. The park is the exhibition of the design and landscape compositions created by the author. On the one hand, the atmosphere in the park is pierced by the influence of Japanese art. On the other hand, here you can track the elements of both ancient and modern arts of the countries in Latin America. The Japanese influence can be seen in the design of the paths, in the grace of boulders and compositions, and the original shape of the ponds.

Unlike the majority of parks and gardens in the Country of the Rising Sun which are meant for lonely guests, Parque del Este is notable for its huge size. It uses the complexes of spectator and scientific, entertaining, sport, and gaming designation.

Parque del Este comprises the territory of 8 hectares and offers its guests the Natural History Museum, Planetarium, a complex for rest, an outdoor theatre, special areas for throwing picnics and going sports, an artificial lake, a zone with various attractions, a small zoo, and other entertainment facilities. Along the paths, you can admire the picturesque zones of the Botanic Garden and the collections of the Art Museum in the open air.

You’ll be impressed by the rich flora and fauna of this park. You can meet the scarlet macaw, gigantic iguanas, hide in the shade of a palm tree and other rare plants. The main pride of the park is two tigers. Their breed is called “butterfly” due to their unusual colors. They don’t have black stripes. Instead, there are ornaments in the shape of butterflies on their bodies. The tigers live in special enclosures which are located 4-5 meters under the ground. This saves them from the heat and makes it less dangerous for the visitors.

El Ávila National Park is another fascinating place which is located near the banks of the Caribbean Sea. It comprises the territory of more than 20 square kilometers. It offers its guests diverse flora and fauna, special tourists’ routes, untouched virgin nature, and more!

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